Our Magical Snow Day in Austin, TX


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I’m sure everyone was sick of me giggling and acting like a crazy person on my social networks yesterday. You have to realize that this is the first time I’ve ever seen snow that was enough to even make a snowball. I grew up near Charleston, SC then moved to Honolulu, HI and now am here in Central Texas. My mother has a photo of me in the snow. I was probably 5 or 6, but I don’t remember it.

But this… this was COOL. At 7am, I was picked up by a friend, we were going to go downtown to a meeting and come back before it started getting nasty. Heh, Yeah, we made it less than 5 miles in 45 minutes so turned around and had breakfast together, where we sat by a window and watched the sleet turn into big fat snowflakes.

I think that was the coolest thing, I didn’t realize that snowflakes get that big, it was like fluffy quarters falling from the sky.

The kids were allowed outside a few times yesterday, but well… as you see, I went and got them a couple of hours early. The snow was looking melty and well, I wanted to play :) It snows here once every 8 years or something, I doubt they missed much.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Poor kids, we made them come in every 20 minutes or so, their little hands were red. We simply don’t have winter gear here. *laughing* We put socks (went through a LOT of pairs too) on their hands, but it was wet snow, so it only helped a little. We did find some gloves for Cassie eventually, but they got wet too. Jamie insisted on wearing shorts after his pants got wet from snow. Cassie even got to make a snow angel. How fun is THAT?

Anyway, some photos… I have more, but my card reader won’t turn on and I can’t figure it out (where’s my tech guy???)

After the kids and I got home, I took a quick call (while the kids made a mini snowman and played), we had a snowball fight (which I lost MAJORLY), Cassie and I made a little snow person family on my windshield
The snow family (the melting edition)

The kids HAD to eat snow too. Just required. Nope, not yellow ;)
Eating snow... Cuz they CAN

By the time Tom made this with Cassie and the girl next door, it was mostly sleet bound together with snow and a little melty, but they did it! We also weren’t prepared for snowmen so the hair was from Halloween a few years back, the scarf is one a friend made me (thanks, Dy!), the mouth and nose were cheetos, the eyes were hershey’s kisses and the buttons were M&Ms. *laugh* Hey, do what you gotta do!
If it's mostly sleet, is it still a snowman? (Punk rocker edition)

The school started 2 hours late this morning, so we got up 30 minutes late (Jamie has TONS of homework/corrections to do before Friday, poor kid). Tom made eggs and bacon and we enjoyed watching the snow start to melt.

It’ll be 55 today and 60 tomorrow. Ahhh… Austin.

Okay, Okay, I caved…


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I’m so weak.

Took kids outta school early for… Uh… Doc appt?

Took kids outta school early for... Uh... Doc appt?

One quick client call and them I’m totally in on the snowball fight (we can actually make a few!)

And yes those are socks on their hands… we don’t have mittens cuz ya know… it’s Austin, for crying out loud!

Quarter-size snowflakes in Austin, TX (video too!) And me!


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I live in Anderson Mill (way NW Austin). I realize those of you up North thing we are all crazy. If it snows even a little bit, we all start to lose our marbles, but it’s so pretty and I’ve only seen snow a few times – never stuck or anything. Not sure if it’s going to stick today, there’s a lot of water/sleet on the ground, but it is GORGEOUS falling down, big fat flakes. The video doesn’t do it justice. Kinda wish the kids were home to enjoy it…

That noise is water in the rain gutters… lotsa sleety rain this morning before the purdy snow hit.

Update: Took another one when it started coming down harder… wondering if I can sneak out with my camera…