Bursitis?? But I’m not 80!


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So, my hip joint has been bugging me for a few days. I have a chiro appointment tomorrow, but I needed something today because Advil isn’t helping. Off to my regular doc who sends me for x-rays and says it’s bursitis. First of all – what the heck is that? And don’t only old people get it? If interested, it’s in Wikipedia.

Apparently not. She seems to think the donkey kick exercises I did on my own (okay, I overdid it, it’s my new way of dealing with stress and the allergy season that is right now) and then laying on that side for 10 hours (I passed out I was so tired one night) contributed to it.

Of course. *I* would get bursitis. I’m gonna walk around saying “Ethel, come help me over here, my bursitis is actin’ up” cuz, ya know, I can.

Who knows what the chiro will say. I need to visit her anyway. I’ve noticed my lower back is burning when I walk a lot, usually means I need a quick adjustment. And yeah, I cannot believe I actually like the chiropractor. Yes, I used to think they were full of bunk. Now, I think mine is the best thing since sliced bread.

Oh, and while I’m whining (cuz it’s all about me)… freaking Austin. My allergies are CRAZY. This is, by far, the worst year. I actually asked the doc again about it because I am going to go crazy with the itching and scratching and eyes bright red and swollen. I’ve even had to start carrying around an inhaler because I cannot breathe sometimes. The doc said that it’s the worst they’ve seen it too, the oak pollens are just horrible. I’m kind of glad because that means that mine isn’t getting worse, it’s just the season is bad.  She also told me that she was hearing that the oak should start coming down in 2 weeks. So I have 2 more weeks not to lose my mind. And she called in some new meds for me to take to get over this hump. I’m LOSING it. Seriously.

Snow in Austin! and other ramblings


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Anyone who lives up North, can just skip this post cuz you’re going to make fun of me *laugh*

It snowed in Austin today. It rarely snows in Austin, you must understand. And I have now seen snow up close and personal (that I remember) exactly twice. I grew up in Charleston, SC, moved to Honolulu, HI and now live here. And we don’t travel much, at least not North :) Heck, we don’t even have real Winter gear. A nice warm jacket and sneakers is about it.

You have to understand, when the forecast here calls for snow or ice, the grocery stores start emptying out of bread milk and eggs (someone on Twitter called it a French Toast Emergency and cracked me up). It’s all kind of silly and dramatic and I try to avoid it. Except for driving. I’m not a terribly confident driver and other people going 80 miles an hour on overpasses with a cell phone stuck to their ear rushing to the grocery store… well, that scares me. When it rains, I hate to drive. So, I knew it was silly, but I canceled my appointment with my personal trainer today (I did work out at home and did pretty good improvising – hey, the fact that I didn’t just blow it off means a lot to me) because I didn’t want to be out there with the morons at 8am. I probably could have went, but honestly, my sanity is worth more right now.

And it did snow. For about 30-45 minutes. None of it stuck, but it was kind cool to see the flakes drifting and blowing around. Tom subbed at the kids school and the principal went around to each classroom and let the teachers take them outside, so there were 450 kids standing in the snow out there at once. Tom subbed there today (he’s there nearly every day in fact) said it was truly a magical day today because the kids were all outside and having the grandest time. I kinda wish I was there to see it. Is it weird that I’m a little jealous that he gets to see the kids off and on each day? I guess for me it really is because I couldn’t do it. All those kids, I’d be crazy. But I wish I had seen that.

They also watched The Polar Express today, so Tom said it really was a fantastic day to be a teacher. Now to find him a permanent position. I think he really wants to work at the school where the kids are. The kids being there is a nice bonus, but he loves the school, he loves the staff. He seems to be fitting in there. I just hope they give him a shot when hiring time comes around. I think he’ll be a shoe-in. If they don’t hire him, they’re crazy! The KIDS adore him. It kinda makes me jealous that I don’t have that affect on kids, but when he walks into the school or into a fundraiser or something, the kids flock to him screaming “Mr. Beauchamp! Mr. Beauchamp!”. I really hope this works out for him. Funny, at 37 you finally figure out what you wanna do with your life, but Tom was meant for this. We’ve been married for over 16 years. I’m amazed at how different we both are and how our aspirations have changed and grown.

Okay, I’m off the subject. Suffice to say that I adore my husband. I really do mean that for so many reasons, but his way with the kids is one of the tops. Yeah, it doesn’t pay a whole lot (teachers are WAY underpaid in my opinion), but to see how happy it makes him… so what we don’t get a pool in our backyard and we use the community one instead. I don’t care. Our happiness both together and individually is way more important.

Blah blah blah… okay, so the snow… I have to tell you this story about Leo, the moron dog. It started snowing and both dogs were outside. Julie quickly came in and found her bed:
Julie's snow day

Leo, on the other hand, is a moron. He stayed out there for a while and was barking at the flakes, completely freaked out. He’d find one, bark like mad and then get all weirded out when it disappeared if it touched something. After a minute or so of that he decided to come inside and runs full tilt towards the dog door. And misses. *laughing* he whacked himself in the head on the side of it. What the heck is wrong with this dog? Look at him? I swear he peed himself:
Leo The Idiot
(if you squint, you’ll see it just started, there’s little flakes in front of the black thing)

Anyway, so that just sent me rolling. The dog may be dumber than a box of rocks or a stump or whatever, but he’s entertaining at least I suppose!

Anyway, photographic proof that we had snow today – Voila!
Austin Snow 2009

Snow in Austin 2009

For those of you dealing with tons of snow… neener neener


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The weather is supposed to get gross and Cassie is taking full advantage of it now, as you have seen lately. The little girl next door came over with her roller blades and they had a blast… I got to read a while too :)

Cassie On Her Scooter

Cassie On New Scooter

Cassie is loving outside right now…


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The weather here is absolutely gorgeous this week (well, it’s supposed to get colder tomorrow and over the weekend). But Cassie has been taking full advantage of it, spending a lot of time outside. For her birthday, someone got her bubbles and another person got her a tether ball. She has had the BEST time with it!

Cassie and Bubbles 1

Tether Ball 1

Tether Ball 2

The View From My Desk


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NOTE: If you are here looking for the tree topper saga that one of my so-called friends told you about (LOL)… it’s here

My desk looks out over a window. I have a gap area where the edge of the wall and the computer monitor don’t meet from my point of view. It’s great because I can see the kids on the swings while I work and there’s also this beautiful old tree that I can see the edge of. Several times per day, I see squirrels running up and down the tree with acorns they find on the ground. I’ve tried to get pictures before, but if I try to sneak outside they catch me and disappear… so today, I grabbed the camera, zoomed in close and took pictures! Not too bad consider that window is dirty. I can NOT believe I got the one sitting on the branch. It was in a deep shadow. I have no idea how I did that, but gift horse, mouth, etc etc…

So, here’s one of my little buddies…


You can see on the left the dark area there is actually the edge of the window frame, it was a tight fit!
squirrel 3

He’s a little out of focus, but at least you can see him up there… he perches there to store his loot and stare around waiting for a blade of grass to move so he can scurry away. Jittery little guys!
squirrel 2

I’m not even going to complain that we had the A/C on earlier today. Nor will I complain that we even HAVE squirrels around in DECEMBER. It got cold tonight. For a while. Who knows how long. I’m moving back to Hawaii, I swear it! Watch me! Ummm… okay, maybe not. But geez!

Ark Building Time


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I’m gonna start building an ark. No, really. For the past month, Austin has been over-run with rains. It won’t stop. So, I can’t send the kids out to play because it’s either raining or just stopped raining and it’s muddy. Or the grass is too high because you can’t even freaking cut the grass.

We are just going to float away one of these days.

So, today, Tom got enough. It stopped raining and he got out the lawn mower… which of course, it kept choking up with wet grass… but he did it…

But man… look at the side of my yard? Well, in the picture above, you can see how long the branches are a little on that side – he has to get out there this weekend and cut it back, but look at the vegetation we have growing on the other side. DANG. It’s never looked like that. I dunno how he’s going to whack all of that down, good luck, honey. What the heck is going on here? Seriously, it HAS to stop raining. Soon. I’m going to lose it.

For the record, that stuff is coming from the neighbors yard. I don’t care, we are whacking it down from our side at least. I’m paranoid about snakes.

To make matters even more irritating, my niece is here visiting. She’s 8. Poor Marie – we told her we were going to take her to the pool and to the water park and all this fun stuff – so far, we’ve made it out to dinner a couple of times and had a friend over to play. We hope to do some indoor stuff this weekend – “they” say it might stop next week for a few days. UGH! Poor kid – she probably thinks she’s visiting a rain forest.

Oh, and I’m now a bloglines addict. That’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Raining and Harry


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Tom and I finished our books within about 30 minutes of each other. I wrote a review on my other My Raves blog.

Seriously, what is up with the rain this year in Austin? This is ridiculous.

My niece, Marie, gets here on Tuesday for a 2 week visit! My kids are beside themselves with excitement – Marie is 8 and this is her first plane trip alone – and Little Miss Fearless is thrilled!



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I am so sick of the rain. It has been going every day for a month. Ugh!!

Going to the birds…


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Jamie wanted me to take a picture to share here. Tom mowed the lawn yesterday and every time he does, we always get tons of birds and squirrels hunting through the newly shorted grass looking for whatever it is they look for… we even had a cardinal and two blue jays out there. I always point them out to the kids because they think they are so cool. My office is so great. I can see into the backyard where we have a bird feeder to attract them (those blue jays are MEAN birds!) and I can see the kids playing. It’s fun for me to watch as soon as the kids come in, the birds start flocking around. I guess because of all the rain we’ve had the past 3 weeks, they were hunting around hard for food.

Anyway… this is a picture of the cardinal (I assume these are cardinals – I had a pan on the bird feeder to attract them but I had to take it off because it was just enticing the pigeons and they were eating the bird seed as fast as we could replace it – they are like little vultures).

Bike Riding Time Again!


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It finally warmed up nicely last week —- soooooo —- it’s bike riding time again!