Rockport Beach trip #1


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The first beach we went to was Rockport Beach. Tom and I really like this beach. There are just gentle waves, the sand is real sand (with a little gravel mixed in). There are little “tiki hut umbrella” things to sit in the shade and the kids have to walk through grass to get back to the car (no sand in the car!). What a great little beach park for kids!

This trip is from last week, we went with our housemates – you’ll see J and Marie (our niece) playing as well…

Rockport Beach Trip 1

Rockport Beach Trip 1a

Canal creatures in Key Allegro – Rockport, TX


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One of the kid’s favorite things to do is feed the ducks and birds in the canal… the ducks we have seen a few times, this one always comes with a mate – then we have a bachelor that has visited us a few times as well. The birds are the birds, but it’s really cool how close they will get to you!

Sea bird in rockport tx

duck in rockport tx

Shrimporee Parade in Aransas Pass, Texas


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We got up early this past Saturday and went in search of the shrimporee parade in Aransas Pass. Unfortunately, my camera died early on, but I still got a few pictures (the clown is my favorite, they kids like HEBuddy – of course!). We had a great time even thought it was hotter than hot out there. We got a great spot and were able to look at all the floats and fun stuff. Well worth the effort to get there!

Clown - Aranasa Pass Shrimporee Parade

HEBuddy - Aranasa Pass Shrimporee Parade

I don’t remember if the cow was a mascot or if he was just a cow… the candy we got was ridiculous though… the kids ended up with a huge amount.

Cow - Aranasa Pass Shrimporee Parade

Tom and I thought this was one cool dude…

Biker - Aranasa Pass Shrimporee Parade

The unicycle guy was there representing the library

Unicycle - Aranasa Pass Shrimporee Parade

There were 3 or 4 fire trucks there. It’s a small town, I wonder if they were all there and what would have happened if a fire broke out?

Fire Truck - Aranasa Pass Shrimporee Parade

Thanks, Aransas Pass, for a great memory!

Water Tower - Aranasa Pass Shrimporee Parade

The Beauchamps ‘do’ The Shrimporee in Aransas Pass, TX


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When we went through Aransas Pass to get to Rockport, we kept seeing signs for a “Shrimporee“, so we googled it. It is a festival (61 years and counting) with carnival rides and games, food, shows and fun. We were SO there! I was really hoping for a guy dressed in a shrimp costume, but we didn’t see one. Cassie was still a little sore about the whole “kissing her Daddy” thing, so I thought I could win her back over by bribing her with carnival games. 4 small stuffed animals later, I think she forgives me.

I have some other pictures to share of the parade, but for now, here are some things from the shrimporee grounds:

My niece, Marie, tried the trampoline bungee thing… my kids were too wimpy to do such a thing!
Marie being all cool

Speaking of Marie… this child had never had a funnel cake. My sister is obviously depriving this child… we got her one and she licked the powdered sugar off the plate when she finished polishing it off…
This deprived child had never had a funnel cake!!

Cassie wanted to go on the carousel, of course. Tom took the other kids on the Farris wheel.
carousel ride for cassie girl

But the best part of the day was when I was kicking myself repeatedly for not bringing my big camera. We saw the Pacific Islanders (no fire show because of the winds, I was seriously bummed) and Tom got invited up on stage to have a hula contest. The man can’t move his hips, he looks like a duck, I have video too, just need to get it downloaded and edited. Yes, I will be sharing the fun :) In the mean time…
LOL... My @tombeau in a skirt
OMG I haven't laughed so hard in a long time....

You got to hand it to him though… my man is a good sport. We got a photo op picture afterwards…
And they posed for a photo op

Tom & Candy sittin’ in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G…


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Our friends and housemates last week offered to watch the kids so we could have a date night. I told Cassie that I was going to go on a date with “her Daddy” and she got a little offended. To make matters worse, I informed here that yes, I would kiss her Daddy. She didn’t believe that I would commit such a heinous act, so I took a picture to show her. She got all flustered and a little angry with me. Apparently I’m not allowed to kiss “her Daddy”. Possessive little thing, isn’t she?

I sent this to Cassie after Tom and I's "date" - I told her I was gonna kiss her Daddy :)

We went to this amazing little Italian place called Bellino’s (and I will be writing a review for my review blog soon). But the food was fantastic. If you are ever in Rockport TX, you must check this place out. I had the Pollo Piccata and it was one of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever had. And the pasta was done to perfection. So so so good. Plus we had a great time. It was nice that the restaurant was so fabulous, but even if it was horrible, we almost always manage to have a good time. After we went looking for a Starbucks and I looked it up on my phone. It said there was one, but once we got lost trying to find it and ran into it, it was closed down. I think we laughed so hard we got a tummy ache :) Anyway, check this place out… and don’t kiss “Cassie’s Daddy”… she might get all huffy!

Absolutely amazing Italian restaurant in Rockport, TX - Bellino's

The vacation thus far…


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We have been here in Rockport, TX for a week now. Dy and her family are leaving today but we are spending one more week and Tom’s family will join us for the 2nd week. I haven’t taken many photos, but we’ve had a blast, the pool, the beach, the aquarium, hanging around, fishing, and more… this is a photo dump from my cell phone. I hope to have other pictures later on… but we love it here. We are considering making this a yearly thing (or every other year). Heck, honestly, I wish we could get a 2nd home here and rent it out when we aren’t using it… long term goals, right? (shhh, don’t let my CPA see that!). My niece, Marie, is here for the next month still, (obviously she’ll be coming back to Austin with us) ;)

This is the view down the canal from the house we are staying at from the balcony in the morning. It’s gorgeous. These are the first shots that I have taken with my Palm Pre. It takes amazing photos, really.

View down canal in Rockport TX

Fishing and relaxing… and goofing off…

Tom Fishing

Kids all in

My niece, Marie, being silly

We took the kids to the Aquarium in Corpus..

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX

Maker Faire Fun!


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We went to Maker Faire this year again. We had a really great time and can’t wait to do it again. It’s such a geeky fun thing to do. Cassie made a kite, they both made penny parachutes and peeps, we saw the Tesla coil rock show, the kids painted pumpkins and rode a teeter totter, we watched a puppet show during lunch, we saw the eepy birds, oh we just did so so so much, that’s just what I got photos of! A full day of fun was had by all.

Seriously, folks, it worth every penny – go the next time it comes. You won’t regret it…

I threw the pictures into a slid eshow – enjoy!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Tom came home wanting to make Tesla coils and the kids want to “explode the house”. Ummm… help?


The Big Trip To Volente Beach That SUCKED


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If you read our review blog, you know we thought this place sucked majorly, you can even see in the pictures the kids are underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, they had an okay time, but after 2 hours, we were done and ready to leave. No one wanted to do anything again (well, they wanted to go to the “beach” again, but there were just so many rocks and we’d had enough of stubbed toes and slipping around. Anyway, without further ado…

You’ll see pics of Marie, my 9 year old niece a good bit over the next week or two. She was here early this month and I’m WAY behind on posting pictures…

I’m still getting used to the little P&S water camera we bought, so some of them suck, but oh well. You will all live. Somehow.

Here they are walking from the parking lot, filled with so much hope and desire for fun…
Volente - On The Way There Filled With So Much Hope

Only to have those hopes dashed…
Volente - Jamies Face Says It All
Volente - Marie At The Sucky Beach
Volente - Marie Hits The Slide

They did have SOME fun though…
Volente - Cassie Has A Little Fun
Volente - Marie Goes For The Gator
Volente - Cassie Splashes Down
Volente - Jamie Makes a Splash
Volente - Jamie Climbs The Gators

Decking The Halls — and the Tree Topper saga…


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—> I’ve been blogging like crazy this week, so keep going, there’s lots here! <---

So, today was the day we promised the kids we would decorate the tree and house. We also said we’d do outside, but it’s bitterly cold and raining, so they had to get disappointed there – we only have a few things for outside anyway.

So, I (even though I’m sick) take the kids to Target while Tom unpacks the stuff in peace – oh trust me here, if they had been here they would’ve driven him crazy – plus I think I got the better end of that deal. We were on a mission for a tree topper… the kids found one. I thought it was going to be WAY too big. It was. We get home and we were all dying laughing at this thing bending over and swaying back and forth. We don’t have a tiny tree, but that thing was made for a Texas-Sized tree for sure!

So, we decide to ALL go back to the store and the only one we could find is this hideous silver thing, but whatever… it fits. Well… more on that story below with pictures to guide you. *laugh*

So, here’s the pictures to share…

While Tom fussed around with getting the big tree set up, we got the kids busy decorating the little tree..

Decorate Small Tree
Little Tree

The stocking were hung with care (notice I have stocking hangers! I’ve always wanted them but never bought them) – Yes, Julie gets a stocking.
Stockings Hung

This is new this year… I thought this was a cute set… Daddy and Son bears going fishing. They are outside the door…
Bears Fishing

Another new one… look! It’s Tux! On our fireplace!
Penguin Snow

Tom puts on the garland…
Tom Garland

And the kids decorated it (with our help)
Jamie Decor Big Tree
Cassie Decor Big Tree
Tom Decor Big Tree

And the kids put on their santa hats to show off the final product…
Kids Santa Hats

Now, let’s talk tree toppers… we have yet to have a good one. We have had a few hideous stars through the years. This horrible angel my mother gave me (sorry, mom, it was hideous). You’d think in FOURTEEN years we’d find one we like! But no. We are tree topper impaired. So, after the laughing fits that the big one entailed, we ended up with the hideous round star one that was a whopping $4 at Target. Whatever. The kids liked it and we have given up. BUT getting it on the tree was an adventure… what is wrong with us? What about those pictures with the perfect family with the smiling dad with a cup of cocoa putting the tree topper on with a flourish and the adorable kids standing by looking up in awe? Yeah, that’s not us…

Here’s Jamie showing off the atrocious thing…
Tree Topper Stage 1

So here’s Tom “this will be easy, just sit it up there”… um… not so much, the base was too small for our tree…
Tree Topper Stage 2

Tom asks what we have to hold the damn thing up there. I go and get a binder clip (hey, it sounded like a good idea, stay with me here)… and Tom celebrates because it looks like it might work…
Tree Topper Stage 3

… and then it fell over.
Tree Topper Stage 4

By this time, Tom and I are laughing so hard we have tears just flowing down our cheeks and Jamie is doing his eye-roll thing which is supposed to be “my parents are so weird”, but whatever…

So, we finally got it… how? Look closely. Yeah. Tom wrapped the top of the tree around it. *laugh*

Tree Topper Stage 5

But it’s up there. And it’s staying. And we have another hideous tree topper. But that’s okay because we had a really good laugh about it all. Maybe next year we can find a purple one with gold leafing!

Sea World Mini-Vacation


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It was so rainy and yucky for the first week Marie was here, we have been trying to jam in as much as we can (she leaves on Tuesday). So, Wednesday night, very late, we decided to go to Sea World. (Can I just say that I love what I do? Who else can decided at 11pm at night to disappear for the day?).

Anyway, so off we went, we got stuck in traffic on the way there, so we got there around 11:30. We first went to see the 3D Pirates show. Cassie did okay, but after the bees, bats, and spider, she was done and I had to take her out of the theater. She tried though. The older kids thought it was AWESOME.

Then we headed over to feed and pet the dolphins (this is always just too cool – Marie is the queen of dolphin sounds so she thought this was the bee’s knees).

Waiting for the dolphins…

One dolphin does a swim by looking for fish…

Aha! Fish are served!
Humoring me by posting for a couple of pictures on the way to the next thing…

Next up was the Viva! show. This is my favorite show – and at the end of the day, Jamie said this one was his favorite too – he liked the “funny guy”. :)

Here they are waiting on the show to start cooling off with the fans and watching the funny guy (hehehehe… he looks like he’s peeing in one of those – yeah, I’m 12).
The dolphins…

The beluga whales…

While we were on our way there, my phone rang… a good friend of mine was actually at Sea World, but we didn’t know! Luckily a mutual friend knew and clued us in. They were doing the water park part of it (smart – it was HOT), but we still met up for lunch and this REALLY cheesy show Shamu’s Beach Party – the kids loved it though and it was great to have lunch with friends! Awesome!

The kids had a great time dancing with the actors and having lunch together. The kids were mesmerized because we had ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, AND 9 there. Wow, all in a row. It’s a pattern! LOL!

Next up was the Penguins. I had to deal with a few emails, so I gave the camera to Tom – you will notice there are NO penguin pictures. Even Marie looked doubtful of his photographic abilities.
Marie wanted to ride a roller coaster and we didn’t want to have to stand in line at one of the big ones, so she and Tom took a spin on the Shamu Xpress in the kids area.
Then we started walking towards the big one… yes – Believe – the Shamu show. Jamie and Cassie were SO cute. While we were waiting on Tom and Marie to go on their ride, we did the “throw the ball until you win” for $5) and they both got stuffed Shamus. (Marie played the fishing game and got a small stuffed dragon). So, here they are walking – what you can’t see is how they are “swimming” their dolls along. It was so freaking cute!
And then the Shamu show. Marie and Cassie said this was their favorite. Tom, who held Cassie on his lap so she could see well, said she was crying a little and when he asked why she told him “it’s just so pretty”. LOL.

We decided to swing by the Sharks/Coral reef. WAY cool… (and air conditioned!)

… and humoring me some more by posing for pictures on the way out the gate.