A Day of Rememberance…


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I’m not all that patriotic. I’m probably not even what some would consider a good American. However, today is the 7th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States. I remember where I was. I remember what I was doing. I remember worrying about my friends that worked/lived in New York. I remember the state of shock and sadness. But, I also remember watching in awe as people banded together. The world will never been the same, this is true, in so many ways.

You have google, you can read about the attacks, but here’s the wikipedia entry

Where were you on September 11, 2001? You don’t have to answer here, but I will be taking time to reflect and remember what was lost (and maybe even gained in an odd little way – humanity wise anyway) on that day.

As for me, my husband was away on business and I had smiling almost 11-month-old boy that was crawling around on the bed while I got dressed and talked to him about how friends were coming to visit, it was a pretty lazy day with no big plans going on except a visit from friends from Houston. He was so happy that day and it was pretty peaceful. I turned on the TV right at around 8am to check the weather just as the 2nd plane hit while they were live talking about the first building. For about an hour, I just sat there watching with my jaw on the ground while he crawled around wondering what I had brought him into. The insanity of that day lives forever, trying to figure out when Tom would be able to get back home, getting extra hugs from my son, and trying to make some sense of it all.

We were lucky, it took a few days, but Tom made it home (with me a nervous wreck knowing he was on an airplane). Our friends were okay, at least physically. And life got back to some semblance of normalcy. But, we always remember. Always.

PSA: Please take time to watch this with your children…


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Just a little Public Service Announcement from the Beauchamp’s to you…

Book Nerd Alert…


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Okay, so Bill Clinton is coming to Book People here in Austin. Yes, I like love Bill Clinton. He’s fabulous. If I can round up someone to go with me, I’m probably going to go, just to hear him speak… and I can get a book signed… BUT… I cannot, apparently, have my picture taken with him :( They aren’t allowing anything except the book in the signing room. I know it’s about security, but still. How much does that suck?

Edit: Okay, it looks like he’s not speaking, just signing books for the book tour, so that makes me feel better if I don’t go… the camera thing sucks though.

Chocolate Rain


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I’m obviously behind the times, but I just saw this… okay, first the message is beautiful. The repetition of “Chocolate Rain” is a little crazy, but I think it helps drive home his point. But this dude’s voice! If I passed him on the street I would never think that gorgeous voice came out of his little body. Wow. Fabulous!

Here’s the WikiPedia entry for anyone interested — Chocolate Rain