Cassie does the talent show & bittersweet June


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Cassie performed in the talent show this year. She played Song of the Wind on her violin and was VERY proud of herself. We all are. She did a great job and I cannot imagine how nervous she must have been (she claims she was just a little though!) Enjoy!

So, Tom will officially be unemployed again Thursday of next week. I have faith that he’ll find another teaching gig. The kids love him at every school he’s ever been involved with and he’s done a phenomenal job this year. Plus I just have a feeling it is going to be okay. It still sucks though in the meantime.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids. They are completely bonkers. I’m just trying to hold on by my fingernails and make it through… seriously, they are hyped up. Crazy.

We tried a new burger place just down the road from us – In the Buns. Good burgers, VERY good burgers, I’d venture to say better than Moonies. I’d rate them maybe above Five Guys if they didn’t use from frozen fries and rings :( Serious bummer there. Still good though.

Yes, it’s a random kind of night. Why do you ask? ;)

2011 Summer Reading Programs for Kids


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It’s that time again! As many of you know, my entire family are all big readers, my kids included. We always – always! – do the Summer Reading Programs and my kids LOVE it!

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve found so far (feel free to let me know of others!)

1. Barnes & Noble – read 8 books and a get free book from their list

2. Borders – reading 10 books and get a free book from their selection in store

3. Half Price Books – Read 15 minutes per day (600 total in June and July) and get $5 gift certificate (I was hoping they were doing the weekly thing this year – that was great to go each week – and we always spent way more than the $5 LOL)

4. HEB – Read 10 books and get some prizes (a t-shirt and maybe some other stuff?)

5. Austin Library – Set a personal goal, read that many books and turn it in to get a free book from their selection

Tom does the talent show


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So, Tom’s school had a talent show. I didn’t make it, but one of the kids recorded it for me… too funny. He was the only teacher brave enough to do anything for the talent show. Go, Mr. B, Go!

(He’s wearing a wig because the kids are always after him to grow his hair out. LOL, yeah, that can’t won’t happen.)

Robotics for Cassie


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Before school let out, Cassie found out they were going to be starting a robotics program for the lower grades at her school. She talked about it ALL Summer. She also asked about it every week since school has started. At long last, the school sent the coveted letter home. They are taking “applications” and 12 kids will be asked to join – that’s all they have enough kits for. The key is that you have to write a paragraph saying why you want to join robotics. This is very serious, folks. Cassie has written a letter, a sloppy copy. I’ve been asked to edit it and she’ll re-write it tomorrow. This has to be cutest letter EVER so I’m sharing it. Click on it to see it, I’ve translated it in this post though. Tell me you wouldn’t let this little girl into your robotics program. I dare you!

Cassie's Robotics Request

Robotics Paragraph

By Cassie Beauchamp

I really like robots and I always wanted to be in the robotics club. My brother has a robotics kit and I really like the robotics kit. My dad used it for robotics. My dad helped teach robotics. I’m really interested in robots. I have watched the big kids in the past. I have seen the robots go around the course. I liked seeing them build the robots. When my dad said they were doing a kid robotics I said “When are they?” I was waiting for a long time to get into robotics.

Heard from the front seat


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Fall 2010Tom and I were driving home tonight from a night out with friends and I was telling him I kinda hoped he didn’t get a substitute teaching job on Friday so he could go to the kid’s holiday parties at school. It’s just not my thing. He said, “Oh, I love it, the kids have so much fun and it’s a great time.” I replied, “Yeah, but there’s a lot of them. And they all want candy.”

I think he thinks I’m kidding… dude, they are all hopped up and entirely too loud. I love kids. I love my kids. I even like most of my friend’s kids. But 15 stranger’s kids… oy.

Report card time!


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Celebrating Jamie's school pride award at @sprinklesfroyoI absolutely must brag on my children. They both got really really good grades!

Jamie got 2 As and 3 Bs. 2 of those Bs were 89s, so just one little point away from an A. Here’s how they broke down:
Reading – 86
Written Comp – 89
Social Studies – 89
Math – 92
Science – 93

He received “satisfactory” in PE and Art and an “excellent” in music. The only “bad” grade he got was a “needs improvement” in the citizenship department because he doesn’t work well in groups and he doesn’t always pay attention (welcome to my world, teacher lady!) ;) It’s no surprise he doesn’t do well in groups. I get annoyed when I have to work in a group too. I’m just 35 years old and have learned to grit my teeth and deal with it. *laughing*

Cassie did very excellent as well. She doesn’t get actual grades, but I don’t think I’ve seen a B come home from that child. She’s super dedicated. Her report card was all 3s and 4s with a few 2s thrown in. The only 1 she got was in technology because they hadn’t done it yet. Yeah, the kid with her own blog and has a computer in her room. Cute.

At any rate… mommy brag over. I am quite proud though! :)

Do! Not! Seek! The! Treasure!


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We seem to have a large number of random old @linuxjournal shirts in this houseA couple of weeks ago Tom came home with a behavior slip. Jamie had apparently gotten written up school. He sent Jamie to his room and then nearly burst out laughing while trying to tell me what happened.

Apparently, he decided to play a joke on some of his friends. He told them that there was $500 hidden in the locked toilet paper supply cabinet in the 4th grade boy’s bathroom. This went on for a few days. I’m not sure if they planned it or if it just happened, but Jamie and 2 other boys ended up meeting at the same time in the bathroom where they proceeded to try to pry open the cabinet with the bathroom passes. Thankfully a teacher came by before they could do any damage to school property.

Ah, not so bad right? But he didn’t stop them and tell them it was a joke that went too far. He also lied to the teacher, insisting that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Tom said the principal was trying not to laugh either. What we are all, I think, trying to figure out is why $500? I mean, if you’re going to do it, go big, think $5000! So, for posterity’s sake, here is my son’s first write up from school. I’m so proud. Also are the apology letters he had to write as punishment.

Behavoir Report Apologies

Tom and I, even a few weeks later, are still giggling about this. You just never know what kids are going to do, I suppose. Luckily, there was no damage done. While contrite, I could tell he was pretty proud of himself for pulling off the joke for so long. Yeah, he is definitely our son.

Valentine’s Day at School


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What year would be complete without a Valentine’s Day party at school. I must admit that the room mom’s for Cassie’s class is way better than I’ll ever hope to be. They had these little laundry bag looking things strung up on a laundry line so the kids could hand out their treats easily. Very cute! Tom got to play favorite substitute and call out the Bingo stuff for Jamie’s class? I hid in a corner and took photos, looking at my watching, wondering when it would be over.

Jamie’s Class
School Valentine's Day Party 2010 (1)
School Valentine's Day Party 2010

Cassie’s Class (that’s one her BFFs)
School Valentine's Day Party 2010 (6)
School Valentine's Day Party 2010 (3)

Science Night 2010


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Earlier this year was Science Night at the school. Cassie did an optional project for the science fair. She did an experiment to see what would melt faster – an ice cube, an ice cube with sugar on it or an ice cube with salt on it. She was quite proud of herself! The kids also got to do some activities. The favorite was the static one. They put their hands on a ball, the volunteers turn it on and voila. Crazy hair! Check it out!

Here’s Cassie with her project. And yes, that dress is totally retro. In fact, I bought that dress for my sister when she was Cassie’s age (my sister is now 23).
Science Night 2010 (2)

And the crazy hair photos:
Science Night 2010 (1)
Science Night 2010

Cassie’s Handwriting


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Cassie has spelling homework 4 times per week. We get bored with the same old assignments so I gave her a special one, to write her spelling words in her very best handwriting. She came up with this… I’m pretty impressed and very proud so I had to share :)

Cassie's Handwriting