Heads in the sand for our teenagers


Posted by Candy | Posted in Misc | Posted on 25-05-2010

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I was reading the news after lunch today and ran across this news story out of Virginia. Today is also Tuesday which means I might get bonus points from Dynila for her Tuesday Tirade thing she does sometimes.

Let me first say that I don’t have a teenager, so maybe you can say that I don’t understand teeangers. Fine. Whatever. But I want to know why this administration thinks they can just go reprint the damn yearbooks? What was so horrible? Do you mean to tell me that you don’t know your kid might be getting high? Oh wait, you don’t know that some of them get abortions without your knowledge? You don’t know what they are aware of the rest of the world? What? Little Perfect Mary Sue would never do that right? And you don’t want that filth in your yearbook, right? Guess what? It’s out there. And your Little Miss Perfect has probably even gotten drunk and done something stupid. Most teenagers do (except for me, of course, mom, I was one of the few perfect teenagers! Really!)

The point is that this was a pretty neat project that the student body and yearbook staff took on. They asked for secrets. The administration had to have known they were soliciting for them. They probably even thought it was neat themselves given the current popularity of PostSecret (and if you say you’ve never looked, you are LYING). It’s the perfect thing to include for so many reasons. The least of which is that high school isn’t all cheerleaders and pep rallies. There are kids with real thoughts and real things to process and yes, some deep dark secrets to share. No one was hurt in doing it.

So I want to know why the administration is now taking all the yearbooks back? Because some parents got upset? Really? Because they knew it was going on and they HAD TO HAVE KNOWN the yearbook staff was doing the piece. Just once I want to see school administrators stand up and say “No. Our students did this. You may not like it, but it was published with our knowledge. I’m sorry it offended you, but this was their project done by them and their peers and we stand behind it.”

But no. They are too busy kowtowing to those few enraged parents. I bet those same parents are trying to get books banned too. Oh, that’s another rant.

Okay, so I feel better. What a crock.