A little Webkinz rant…


Posted by Candy | Posted in Home and Garden | Posted on 19-04-2010

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A trip to Cracker Barrel and a new webkinz makes a happy girlSo, my kids are Webkinz freaks. Especially Cassie.If you don’t know what those are, count your blessings. They are basically stuffed animals. BUT they each come with a code. If you enter the code into their website, you can start an account and play with your animals online and add them to your account so you have a house with a bunch of Webkinz. I think Cassie has something like 19 of these things.

When you buy one of these overpriced stuffed animals, it comes with one year of service. So, by my math, that means my kid should have like nineteen years of Webkinz time, right?

Um. Not so much. It only gives you one year from the time you enter the code. So you have to buy (or enter a code) at least once per year. It’s not even the point that my kid won’t get at least one per year. She’s obsessed and when she’s not obsessed, she won’t buy them anymore or care about the online thing. It’s not the point, it’s kind of a rip off.

But that’s the rule and if you look under Account Expiration on the FAQ page, you will see it.

Just kind of lame. Having said that, they did help a friend out when they had a house fire earlier this year. I’m still annoyed though.