My friend’s twin girls are getting so big!


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I’ll have 4th of July photos tomorrow, but I thought I’d share these… these are my friend’s babies… They even have their own blog HERE – or you can check out their sister HERE

In the meantime, can you saw “Awwww….”

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My photo won Honorable Mention!


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How cool is THAT?!?!

It was for this picture – which I am immensely proud of… :) I openly admit I’m an amateur and if I get a good picture, it is sometimes a little bit of luck and sometimes a little bit know-how.

You can hear them talk about it on their podcast although for some reason they don’t talk about mine, but hey, that’s okay. Although I would have liked to hear their opinions.

Cassie Walking In Sunshine

Okay, I promise I’ll stop posting that picture now… LOL… I know, it’s JUST honorable mention, but take a look at some of the other photos… there was some amazing ones!


When the kids won’t let me take their picture…


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I basically have to resort to hounding poor little Julie when the kids decide to be anti-camera.

At least she’s cute (even if not fully potty trained *TOM*).

Look lady - take the picture and go away

Hiding from my camera…


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The kids have been basically hiding from me. They are annoyed with me taking their picture. Yeah whatever.

Jamie let me take this because I told him I’d take away his Gameboy if he didn’t (what? Oh please, like you’ve never been evil to your child. As if!)

Just Take The Picture and let me get back to my game

And Cassie, well, she just thinks if she can’t see me, I can’t see her. She thinks she’s that weird kid from Mystery Men (please tell me someone will get this reference) – Please?

Cassie Pretending Not To See Me

Misc Pics of the Kids – LOVE the one of Jamie… Framing it!


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I’m my own worst critic… so it is pretty rare that I take a picture I just love. I LOVE this one of Jamie… I love his eyes, I love the slight movement of his hand I caught, I love the odd little look on his face. I just LOVE it.
Jamie Waves Hello
(yes photo nerds, I know it’s a little overexposed – I actually did it on purpose because I like the effect for this photo. I’m weird. I know.)

I like this one of Cassie. She was hiding behind a box and I caught her peeking up. I love how you can tell she’s smiling by looking at her eyes.
Cassies Smiling Eyes

And another random one of Cassie:
Cassie Looking To The Side

Some misc photos of the kiddos….


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I was playing with my camera and these are my faves…

Cassie and her BFF…
Cassie and her best friend

A face only a mother could love…
A face only a mother could love

Friend J gets the big hello from Julie…
Jessica - Julie saying hello

Jamie looking super cute…
Jamie Smirking

Kids In Trees


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We have this tree in our back yard that they kids like to sit in or climb on. I have no clue what kind of tree it is… I’m just not a tree person… but the kids were outside and we had some great overcast light, so I took a couple of pictures. Neither were very cooperative (I know, that’s a shock – the little stinkers).

Jamie In A Tree

Cassie In A Tree

Random Jamie Photos


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I bribed Jamie to help me do some photographs for my class this week :)

If I had better planned my time this past week, I would have done it outside in pitch dark so you wouldn’t see we were in the bathroom (only room with no sunlight whatsoever). But oh well.

Jamie by Candlelight

2nd Curtain 1

Down The Rabbit Hole To Gaming Addiction - Perhaps

Jamie and Basketball


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Indoor photography without flash SUCKS. Just sayin’

So, I took Jamie to practice and got some photos. They turned out okay. I took like 100 and 25 were good, I kept like 4. Not a great return on my time, but whatever, I had fun playing. So here he is in action :)

Dribbling In Motion

Jamie Gets The Ball

Jamie Celebrates

I also bribed Cassie into doing a few things for me, for the specific purpose of getting these photos :) I think they turned out pretty well for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.

Cassie Haunting (Me Probably)

Little Fingers

And here’s another one of the freaking lizard. It’s still here. It was ticked with me for bugging it during it’s bedtime.

Dakota F5.6
(that one was pretty fun to take, dirty glass, glaring at me reptile with no flash)

Soccer and Ducks


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As you can see from my previous note, Cassie played. She started in with the crying again once we got there until we bribed her with promises of cheese dip. That worked for kicking the ball back and forth with one of the little girls there, but she still was being a snot. I then took her out there and stood with her and told her she had a choice. She could play with her team or she could stand out here in the middle of the room with everyone looking at her crying but we weren’t going back to the stands. I then offered to go sit down in the circle with her near the coach and she agreed to come with me. We sat down in the circle (well she clung to me for dear life). Then we realized they were NAMING THE TEAM. Okay, this is serious business for the kids. We had lots of good choices, Spaceship Rockets, Monster Rockets, Spiderman, etc. Cassie gave her idea of The Sharks. AND they voted on it! She got the name and they are called the Sharks. This immediately started her talking to a little girl next to her and I was able to slink away. She played and practiced and was fine and is looking forward to her first game.

What the heck?

Whatever. It worked.

No photos of practice, that was part of the deal – she said I can take pictures at the game – I still need to figure out how to take decent indoor pictures of sports. I’m sure I’m just doing it wrong. Where the heck is Kami?

We got there early so I took some photos of the ducks there and the kids. It was cold, so we didn’t last long out there!

Enjoy and *dripping sarcasm* Happy January!


Focus layer 2


Kid In A Square