We made the front page!


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We’ve done this a few times now, but it’s always surprising and makes me feel good when we make the front page of Recipezaar. These lemon bars were really good but not as lemony as I would have liked, next time we’ll kick it up with some True Lemon.

20100506 lemon bars

SC Aquarium & The Cows – yeah, random


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Here’s a photo of my sis and the kids, hanging at the aquarium in SC
SC Aquarium

And one of the cows at the arboretum. Heh. Just cuz.
0107 114

We’re famous!


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Tom and I really like RecipeZaar. He likes to cook, I like to take photos so it’s something we can do together. The past several months have been a bit crazy and we haven’t been doing anything consistently. Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up and a recipe AND photo of ours made the front page. Check it out RecipeZaar. What makes it even more special is that it’s actually one of my mom’s recipes – her Tomato Based Beef Stew. Super yummy!

RecipeZaar Photo of the day

Dinner Party…


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For those of you that follow Jenny’s blog, you know she had a dinner party tonight. We were one of the lucky people to be invited and we had a fabulous time. Jamie and Cassie won’t shut up about dessert. She took cake, tore it up, shaped it into mushrooms and stood them up in green jello. Kids totally dug it (and it was good too!).

One of the people there was a lady named Laura who does photography. She does Upon My Lens. I need to start doing her challenges because lately I’m just not taking pictures. Or I’ll take them, hate them all and delete them without putting them up. I dunno what my deal is lately.

The other gentleman there was named Curtis and he was one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. We had a great time. Thank you, Jenny!

Jamie had a special message for you though…

Writing letters to Santa…


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After dinner last night, the kids wrote their letters to Santa. I took some pictures and scanned their letters…

Okay, let me first say that I love this picture… it’s Cassie writing her letter, I think I did a pretty darn good job on it!
Child writing letter to Santa

Here’s Jamie working on his. He took it all very seriously.
Jamie writing letter to Santa

Serious Cassie and Jamie with the tongue sticking out (he does that when he’s concentrating on something)
Kids Writing Santa Letter

Here’s the letter Jamie wrote. It says, “Dear Santa, I want a DS and a DS game, Pokemon Rancher 2. I love Christmas. Hope you make it. Jamie”
Jamies letter to Santa

Tom and I died laughing over the “Hope you make it.” Ummm… he’s made it every year so far, I think Santa can handle a video game :)

(Cassie tried to write the whole thing, but needed help)
Dear Santa, I want a DS. And some games. Pokemon Rancher. Finger Puppet. New Pokemon book. New Pokemon movie. Mushroom man. Cassie
Cassies Letter To Santa

She’s very specific about what she wants and she wants a LOT. I’ve told her Santa might not bring ALL of that. Then again, maybe he will… we’ll just have to see, eh?

They are excited for Christmas. Ya think?

Photos with new lens…


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Note: These are ramblings from someone with only half a clue about photo stuff. If I get something wrong, roll your eyes and keep going.

I got a new lens earlier this month. Nothing fancy, just a cheap 55-200 zoom lens, but I’m liking the detail on the photos I’m getting from this one. Plus it fills in where my kit lens leaves off and before my other telephoto lens leaves off.

Anyway, these were the first shots I took. Not too bad for indoor shots, I like the color tones it’s giving me. As always, Tom was a good sport…

Silly Cassie and Daddy

More Silly Cassie and Daddy

I also used it to take my favorite style (yes, edited, bite me purists) of people photography…

For C

S and Mom - Tarnished

S Smiles

Bedtime stories… no, not books… STORIES


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Every few weeks the kids decide that they don’t want me to read them a book (although Jamie reads one now and I read a second one). They want to make up stories. I’ll give you two guesses (and the first one doesn’t count) what kind of a story they made up on this night…

The Pokebattle has begun

Girl holding Pokeball

Boy holding Picachu

And yes, I took that opportunity to do weird stuff with my camera. What else is new, eh?

Been to the IYGAKAC Blog Project Recently?


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So I started this thing a while back. It’s called If You Give A Kid A Camera. The premise is that you give your kid your camera and then share what they take pictures of. You can find it at http://ifyougiveakidacamera.blogspot.com/.

Anyway, I hope to post a weekly picture over there and other people can join it too – just email me – candytx@gmail.com – and I’ll add you – or comment with your email address here.

See ya there!

When the kids hide and the dogs run…


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I practice on Tom…

Tom Portrait

Such a good sport. I looked outside and saw the light and knew I had to take a picture of someone – anyone or anything. Just something! Poor guy is out there trying to put the tarp on the pool (this was last week) in case it starts to rain and blowing wind… and I’m asking him to stop moving and smile.

Poor dude can’t get a break. At least I found an “outlet” I guess. I bet they are wishing it was like oil painting or something right about now.


Cassie’s Trip to HEB (If you give a kid a camera)


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In May, Cassie asked if she could borrow the camera to take some pictures. I gave it to her (we had one of those indestructible cameras – waterproof to 10′, crush proof, you can drop it, throw it, whatever). A few minutes later she comes back in tears. She’s lost the camera. Tom and I have been looking for this camera since then and we can only figure it’s in some random place somewhere or it’s gotten thrown out somehow. I’m not about to take my nicer camera to the pool or let the kids use it (hello!), so I buy a new one.

And If You Give A Kid A Camera’s blog project continues….
Yes, I still believe that eventually people will post to it on a regular basis *laugh*. I thought about making it a public blog – like anyone can post, but I know we’d get spammers.

Anyway, the above will show you a slideshow I posted yesterday of a trip Cassie and I took to HEB recently. She had a ball.

… and I made sure to take the camera back right away.

Best of all? I can again freak out everyone at the pool by tossing the camera around and dunking it under the water, etc etc. *laugh*

(oh, and i know someone will ask — this is the camera we have. It takes crappy indoor shots, but does well outdoors and it’s basically indestructible).