Cassie’s Birthday – she’s SEVEN now!


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On February 11th, Cassie turned 7. Yeah, I know! She was JUST born, I’m pretty sure! She insisted on a Bakugan party with bakugan cakes (thank goodness for Tom, I was so in over my head!), her best girl friends, and a sleepover afterwards with pizza and snacks. So speaketh the princess, it shall be done :)

Tom rocked, the cakes turned out fabulous (although I kept making boob comments cuz I’m 12). He copies the designs from 2 of Cassie’s favorite bakugan ball things.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (6)
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (8)

Here’s the party crew checking out the cakes
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (10)

Cassie, of course, blew out the candles
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (13)

She opened gifts
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (18)

The all posed for a silly picture
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (27)

I kinda got told to go away during the sleepover. Oops.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (28)

… and Daddy made pink heart-shaped waffles for breakfast the next morning. Yes, he is awesome.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (30)

Dinner Party…


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For those of you that follow Jenny’s blog, you know she had a dinner party tonight. We were one of the lucky people to be invited and we had a fabulous time. Jamie and Cassie won’t shut up about dessert. She took cake, tore it up, shaped it into mushrooms and stood them up in green jello. Kids totally dug it (and it was good too!).

One of the people there was a lady named Laura who does photography. She does Upon My Lens. I need to start doing her challenges because lately I’m just not taking pictures. Or I’ll take them, hate them all and delete them without putting them up. I dunno what my deal is lately.

The other gentleman there was named Curtis and he was one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. We had a great time. Thank you, Jenny!

Jamie had a special message for you though…

I’m married to a college graduate!


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I wish I had got a pic of Tom on his big day, but we had such a great time with his party that I forgot. I’m glad I remembered to get pictures of his Battlestar Galatica cake though! My friend, Julie, made it and it was fantastic!

I’m so proud of Tom. He stuck with it and made really good grades. It was hard work, I know it was, but he DID IT. It makes me very proud of him.

Note: the emblem was piped out with candy, so it was edible and she airburshed the silver on. Amazing.

Battlestar Galatica Cake

Battlestar Galatica Edible Emblem

Soccer Party – medal time!


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I didn’t have time this season to make the big soccer cake. A bit sad about that, but perhaps next season – if there is one, Cassie sounds like she wants to move on to something else – perhaps gymnastics.

She did, however, get her medal. She’s very proud of it. Tom had a really good season too. I think if she decides to stop playing, he will miss it way more than she will.


Party! Party! Party!


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We had been planning a sleepover with one of the cousins for a while with Cassie. I invited Jamie’s BFF to stay with him so he’d have a friend over too. Then we picked up an extra because her mom was doing a 12 hour write-in thing (crazy NaNoWriMo people). We had 2 others that came over to play, but just 5 that spent the night. It went pretty well… Amazingly enough, I think they even slept a few hours!

Here’s the sleepover bunch partying it up on the top bunk of Jamie’s room. I feel like I could fast forward this 15 years and see them all grinning and toasting us with beers.

Kids Party

Cousin’s Halloween Party…


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Tom’s cousin had a Halloween Party for the kiddos. We had a really great time. I wish we got to see them more often, but you know how life can be.. it happens.

They had a hay ride! How fun is that???
Os Party 1

This is Tom’s aunt… she’s crazy, I adore her.
Os Party 2

Tom’s cousin (she’s nuts too).
Os Party 4

This is the kiddo who threw the party (Yeah, the whole family is crazy – maybe this is why I love this side of Tom’s family)
Os Party 3

The crazy aunt above made the cupcakes… they were SO cute:
Os Party 5

This was store bought but I thought it was really neat…
Os Party 6

Soccer Team Party


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The Spring soccer season is over. Tom coached this year and Cassie loved it. We had a team party at CiCi’s Pizza and the kids had a great time.

Here’s Cassie getting her medal from Coach Tom
Cassie Getting Her Soccer Meda From Coach Daddy

The kids at pizza
Spring 2008 Soccer Team Party Kids

And we did the cute photo cake thing again (kids loved it!)
Spring 2008 Soccer Team Party Cake

Memorial Day Party


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We had a bit of a memorial day party over here with several families and lots of kids… and LOTS of fun! We grilled out and set up the pools and water slide. The kids had a blast. I did too, but I was EXHAUSTED afterwards. I’m so lucky to have great friends though. I love having the mom friends over… they help clean up before they leave!

Just a few pics… most I took of other people’s kids and gave to them.

Cassie Picking Grass

R C and L hanging out

Girls Playing

AND my dear dear friend, Crystal, brought me flowers!
Flowers From Crystal

MNO: The One Where Candy Is The Paparazzi


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We had a Mom’s Night Out at one of my friend’s houses on Saturday night. Her husband was out of town and her kid was at grandma’s house. SCORE! For those of you wondering what a mom’s night out really is, it’s basically an excuse for us moms to dump our children on our husbands and sit around either a restaurant or someone’s house and laugh (or cackle as Dy’s hubby says – he actually calls us “that cackle of women that came to my house”) and drink and laugh and bitch and moan and drink and laugh some more :-)

As our little group has grown (we had like 10 people show up this time), we’ve started having them at someone’s house – not as noisy as a restaurant and we all just bring something to drink/eat/whatever and do whatever. This time we had Boogie to keep us entertained. You know you are with good friends when you can get halfway sloshed, sing off key, call them dying cats and they still love you anyway :)

Angela can actually sing – either that or I had more margaritas than I thought. Yes, Denise always looks this confused. *snicker*
MNO Paparazzi 1

This is Claire Delaine. She can sing pretty well too.
MNO Paparazzi 4

This is Jen. She’s preggie and the cutest thing ever. We made her sing a few times though :p
MNO Paparazzi 2

This is my friend, Denise. She was trying to dance along with the character on the screen. This was after only one margarita.
MNO Paparazzi 3

We had a great time. Thank you, Dy, for letting me crash at your place :)

Speaking of Dy… make sure you visit her blog before her hubby makes her take that post down… it’s freaking HILARIOUS!


Welcome Home, Uncle Mike!


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I guess it’s actually cousin, but that just sounds too weird, so I make my kids call Tom’s cousins aunts and uncles – okay, seriously, my kids are already constantly confused, what’s one more thing. Actually, they don’t call all of them aunt and uncle, just some. Okay, hmmm… talk about random I guess. Whatever.

So, Tom’s cousin, Mike, came home today from Iraq and Aunt Donny had everyone over for breakfast (at dinner). My kids were so thrilled. It’s BREAKFAST, but at DINNER – get it? It was ultra exciting, trust me.

So, here’s some pics to share and some commentary…

Mike is getting married in a couple of weeks, here he is with the latest victim in our family, Jen. Okay, seriously, was I this annoyingly sweet and lovey dovey all those years ago?

Young Love

Whatever did this toy do to Tom? Here he is “fixing” the Rock Em Sock Em Robots – circa ice age
Rock Em Sock Em Must Die

Jamie trying to pretend he doesn’t see me and is super annoyed with me and my camera.
Jamie Relaxing

Cousin Olivia being all cute and stuff
Olivia Thinking

This is Tom’s Grandma P:
Granny P

I have a 50mm fixed lens coming to me in the next few days… I hope it’s better for indoor photos. Not loving my camera for indoor shots. Hmm… maybe an external flash… *glances to see if Tom is looking before going to Amazon* Or maybe a macro lens (okay, I just WANT that)…