Cassie does the talent show & bittersweet June


Posted by Candy | Posted in School | Posted on 26-05-2011

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Cassie performed in the talent show this year. She played Song of the Wind on her violin and was VERY proud of herself. We all are. She did a great job and I cannot imagine how nervous she must have been (she claims she was just a little though!) Enjoy!

So, Tom will officially be unemployed again Thursday of next week. I have faith that he’ll find another teaching gig. The kids love him at every school he’s ever been involved with and he’s done a phenomenal job this year. Plus I just have a feeling it is going to be okay. It still sucks though in the meantime.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids. They are completely bonkers. I’m just trying to hold on by my fingernails and make it through… seriously, they are hyped up. Crazy.

We tried a new burger place just down the road from us – In the Buns. Good burgers, VERY good burgers, I’d venture to say better than Moonies. I’d rate them maybe above Five Guys if they didn’t use from frozen fries and rings :( Serious bummer there. Still good though.

Yes, it’s a random kind of night. Why do you ask? ;)

Violin-Playing Cassie


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Cassie let me take a video of her playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star last week. She’s getting pretty good at it. She’s gotten better even in the past week, speeding it up a little and letting her fingers move faster on the strings. I’m pretty impressed seeing as she’s only been at it for a few months. (be warned, she’s a little squeaky in places, this is not the symphony folks!)

Maybe Jamie will let me post him playing clarinet soon too.