Random School Photos


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Clifford came to visit on literacy night… and Cassie participated in a square dance thing at school… enjoy!

Clifford with Jamie and Cassie

Cassie with E

Cassie Square Dancing

Heard from the backseat from Jamie (in SC)


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From our vacation to visit my mother and sisters in South Carolina:

Tom and my mother were in the front seats of the van. My sister, Marcy, and I were in the middle seat. Jamie and Cassie were in the very back seat. My mother hates going around the sweeping curves on the freeway exits, they make her dizzy. My sister and I, of course, always try to make her pee herself. It’s a tradition. So Tom is driving like 5 miles per hour, Mom has her eyes squeezed shut and Marcy and I are screaming “OMG, we’re going off the edge” and “Oh god, really, Tom, you gotta pay attention”. Yes, we are evil. Yes, I’m 12.

When all the laughter dies down and Mom has stopped having her heart attack, we hear Jamie pipe up from the backseat, “Wow, I didn’t know grown-ups could have so much fun too.

After we got to where we were going, we parked while Tom ran into to get whatever it was and we were talking about how we tricked mom to get on a ride at Myrtle Beach a few years ago.  It was one of those motion rides. This one was one going through a mine shaft. We  had convinced mom that it was no big deal and we got her in there and buckled her in. I remember her asking why she needed a buckle if it didn’t move a lot (we told her it rocked like a rocking chair). I told her, “Oh mom, you know – they are just scared of lawsuits and everything”. Of course, the woman is insane so she believed me. We were cracking up because Mom was TICKED at us when she came out of that ride. The whole time, she had her eyes squeezed shut, holding on for dear life and well, being pissed off at us. She got off of that ride and told us all off. We tried to get her to go on the other ride (it was as 2 for 1 deal), but amazingly enough her ticket went unused.  (now, I wonder where the kids were that day… I’m pretty sure they were with us *laughing* I just can’t remember)

… and then we hear Jamie pipe up from the backseat, “Granny? … I didn’t know my Mom was so crazy!

My mother, of course, told him he had a lot to learn about his momma. Oh boy. Methinks the kid was paying too much attention, he learned a lot about how to torture your elders ;)

Love ya mom… and no, I’m still not sorry about the Myrtle Beach thing… because… well, because it was the funniest thing EVER.

Heard from the dinner table: The best part…


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Me and my favorite girl Every night at dinner, we have a tradition. Even if we go out to dinner we do it. It’s called “the best part of your day”. And during this time we each talk about what the best part of our day was. Sometimes it’s something simple like, “Seeing Daddy in the hallway at school” and sometimes it’s something big like “I got a gold star today!”. But it’s always interesting to hear the one big highlight of each other’s day.

We were doing this tonight and we got the usual fare, Cassie said giving mommy a hug (suck up!). Tom’s was the class he was substituting doing something nice, etc etc… in the middle of this, Jamie accidentally dumped his plate onto the floor and the dogs came running and scrambling around.

Cassie pipes up, “Well, we know what the best of Julie and Leo’s day is!!!”

It took Tom and I a few seconds, but we cracked up… yes, indeed, that was the best part of the dogs day, I’m sure, it was oven fried chicken – Yummy!

Updates and randomness


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Figured I’d toss some random updates…

I’m doing better. Not 100%, but I was able to stay off the meds for a few hours to be able to drive Jamie to the doctor this morning. I was hurting by the time I got home, but it’s a start. I wasn’t writhing in pain, so hey… small steps.

Tom is subbing a LOT at the kid’s school. The staff jokes he should get just get a job there already. He wishes! We went to a school fund raiser (thanks to my friends that showed up to support the school!) at a pizza joint and all the kids were saying “Hi Mr. Beauchamp!”. It made him (and I’ll admit) me all fuzzy feeling. They really seem to like him. I can tell he’s really wanting his own classroom though, with his own kids. It will come sooner or later, the right class and the right school is there somewhere for him, I just know it.

Jamie now has strep (Cassie had it last week). Yay! Not. He’s okay, on meds and all is well. He gets to take 2 days off from school and play video games and read so he’s all “Score!”

Cassie is still riding the high from getting Rider Pride. Special thanks to my mom who saw it and made a special phone call to her. She was grinning from ear to ear that Granny was proud of her. We are going out to a special dinner with their friends to celebrate on Friday. How fun!

I get to take the kids out at 9am to meet Tom’s mom for a photo shoot of the grandkids. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out *laugh* That’s a little early, but I’ll bribe them with Sprinkles or something for dessert that night if they cooperate. Tom was supposed to do this, but he has something at the school, so I get to do it. He owes me. Big time. Saturday is my laze-around morning.

Otherwise, we are chugging right along. I’m thinking that I should be fine for Friday and Saturday if things keep going as they have been. Whew!

Halloween 2009 Beauchamp-style


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Jamie originally wasn’t going to go tonight, but changed his mind, he went for a little while, but then came back when one of our neighbors headed back with the baby (from another neighbor to take her home to mom) and to her house. I mean, the woman had 2 kids with her that weren’t hers. It’s kind of awesome when you have that kind of trust and relationship with your neighbors.

For the past 4 years, we’ve met up with the little girl next door and went trick or treating. Well, Tom does. I stay home and hand out candy. I love looking at the kids all dressed up. At any rate, we sometimes have another family or two that hooks up with us and they run into other kids from the neighborhood. It’s always a lot of fun (I cannot say enough how much I adore our neighborhood). From the first one, our kids have always driven us all crazy wanting to get out there. I was looking back at pictures from previous Halloweens and this was our first with our neighbors… see pics by clicking HERE

They’ve changed so much just since 2006… here’s a few from tonight.

Here’s Jamie and the little girl next door getting ready to go:
Jamie and T

Cassie and the little girl next door (c’mon, ‘rents, let’s go!):
Cassie and T
(Thanks to KH for the photo!)

Here’s Cassie ready to hit the trail
Leopard Cassie
(Photo credit to my neighbor, KH) ;)

Here’s our little group (which apparently changed throughout the night) on their way:
... And the T-n-Ters head out....

Cassie got tired when her bucket got full and Tom brought her back (and Jamie was ready to go back out again). Here she is enjoying the fruits (okay, it’s chocolate) of her labor:
My Leopard enjoying the fruits of her labor (well chocolate anyway)

There is no spatula…


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Just over a year ago, I blogged out our spoon. The one we had had for 15 years that we lost. It was kind of weird how much the spoon was used…

Well, earlier this week, we lost the spatula. 16+ years of near daily use… it was Tom’s favorite. We have kept an eye out for one just like this, but I fear they don’t make them anymore. It has flipped grilled cheese, browned ground round, scrambled eggs, tossed pancakes and much much more. It moved with us each and every time and was packed away with care.

And now?

It’s broken. Good bye spatula. We outlasted you too :)

Broken Spatula

We gave it a proper burial right into the trash compactor.

Daddy is a sucker… Leo news


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So, apparently Cassie has had time to think about the whole Leo thing and is now completely falling apart over it.

Sigh. I wasn’t home, I was out with my BFFs having dinner.

So, now Tom and her are going to try to come up with a plan. I told him that this plan has to include some sort of training program, even if it’s group dog training at PetsMart. Something (and honestly, dog trainers aren’t cheap, so group is going to have to work for now).

I told him they have a week to come up with a good viable plan as to how we can work with Leo to get his trust issues overcome and his housebreaking completed.

I know chihuahuas are hard to housebreak. It took a year for Julie to fully get it and even now, if it’s raining or very cold, Julie will NOT go outside. We get that, but Leo thinks the entire house is his potty and that’s not flying with me anymore.

So, they are going to try and if it doesn’t work, we have to come up with another plan (which will probably be making Mommy the bad guy, but I’m used to it).

Rescue groups, by the way, have been nearly useless. Oh well, we will try one more time. ONE more.

Cassie’s Name Assignment


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Today Cassie came home with an interesting assignment “Explain the origin of your name.” Simple, right? Most people are named after historical figures, carry on a family name, or their parents just made something up. Lets look at some examples:

George Washington Carver: Easy one here! His folks hoped that naming him after a great person would help him be great. I don’t know if it really helped him out, but look at his accomplishments and you tell me if it hurt.

Tom Pierce Beauchamp: Maybe not so obvious to those that don’t know me, but my name follows the second rule. Tom Beauchamp was one of my Great Grandfathers, and Pierce Turner was yet another one. Unfortunately, I never got to know either but I must assume that since we share names that they were pretty awesome.

Dweezil, Moon, Diva, and Ahmet Zappa: I think by now everyone knows which rule this follows. Rule #3: If you can’t think of a name just pull something out of your butt.

So anyways…enough background…on with the story…

Cassie comes out of school today and is all excited about her homework,”Where did your name come from?” She needs to write a little report school. So, I explained to her that Cassandra Erin was her whole name and that Aaron was my Grandfather that died before she was born. Then I had to explain her first name, which is a bit more “interesting”:

You see, Cassie is named after a tractor.

For the 9 months of Candy’s pregnancy with Cassie, we threw names back and forth. The Erin part we figured out right away but no other family names really stuck with us. We tried out hundreds of other names and even asked for help from friends, but we never found anything that stuck. We were sitting at the table one night and decided to ask Jamie,”What would you like to name your sister?” His response? “Tractor!” He was so serious…so set on that name…(You have to realize, he was INTO tractors at that point…he LOVED tractors of all sizes and types).

So for a while we joked around and called the not-yet-born Cassie “Baby Tractor”. We tossed around all types of tractor names…but “Ford” and “John Deere” don’t really lend themselves to a little girl. Candy remembered her fathers tractor was a Case…..We played with Kayce, and Kaycie….but we didn’t really like those..plus we wanted a name that could grow with her. So we came to Cassandra (I personally voted for Cassiopeia, but Candy out voted me) and from that Cassie.

So Cassie, my dear princess, light of my life, hope for the future: You are named after a tractor.

She looked at me and said,”Uh uh!” I just held her on my lap and nodded. The woman standing beside us almost fell over laughing. Cassie looked at me, saw that I was serious and just shook her head.

I think she took it pretty well.

Heard From The… Kitchen


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Jamie was home sick yesterday. Poor fella had a nasty ear infection. Doc sent him home with antibiotics and now he’s back at school.

She also gave him some numbing drops. He sat there and let me put them in (after asking 20 times if it would hurt) and started walking around with his head cocked to one side to let them move down… when I hear this:

“Come on, Cassie, let’s go read your book. I really don’t think they are going to come through to the other side.”

I was going to explain, but then I thought… nah… I wonder if he still thinks they are supposed to? *laugh*

Here he is being all weird at the doctor’s office…

(photo courtesy of Tom)
Jamie is 'sick'

Christmas Morning


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Here is a quick video of Xmas morning with Jamie and Cassie