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IMAG0006.jpgI’m pretty lucky. My kids have always gotten along pretty well. They have their moments, but for the most part, they are really cool. This school year, we’ve put them in charge of getting their own breakfast (unless we offer to cook something – not usually!) and their own lunch. I was sitting here putting on my shoes when I heard them talking while making breakfast. It’s interesting how well they work together to get their cereal made. They choose one, Jamie gets down the bowls while Cassie finds the spoons. Then Cassie pours the cereal in and Jamie pours in the milk. Voila!

Now, if I could train them to put the milk and cereal back in the fridge/cabinet…

BUT it is really sweet how well they do together. It makes me proud to think that I actually had something to do with that, it was my superior parenting skills that have shaped my children into cooperative… oh heck… it was luck. ;)

Report card time!


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Celebrating Jamie's school pride award at @sprinklesfroyoI absolutely must brag on my children. They both got really really good grades!

Jamie got 2 As and 3 Bs. 2 of those Bs were 89s, so just one little point away from an A. Here’s how they broke down:
Reading – 86
Written Comp – 89
Social Studies – 89
Math – 92
Science – 93

He received “satisfactory” in PE and Art and an “excellent” in music. The only “bad” grade he got was a “needs improvement” in the citizenship department because he doesn’t work well in groups and he doesn’t always pay attention (welcome to my world, teacher lady!) ;) It’s no surprise he doesn’t do well in groups. I get annoyed when I have to work in a group too. I’m just 35 years old and have learned to grit my teeth and deal with it. *laughing*

Cassie did very excellent as well. She doesn’t get actual grades, but I don’t think I’ve seen a B come home from that child. She’s super dedicated. Her report card was all 3s and 4s with a few 2s thrown in. The only 1 she got was in technology because they hadn’t done it yet. Yeah, the kid with her own blog and has a computer in her room. Cute.

At any rate… mommy brag over. I am quite proud though! :)

Do! Not! Seek! The! Treasure!


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We seem to have a large number of random old @linuxjournal shirts in this houseA couple of weeks ago Tom came home with a behavior slip. Jamie had apparently gotten written up school. He sent Jamie to his room and then nearly burst out laughing while trying to tell me what happened.

Apparently, he decided to play a joke on some of his friends. He told them that there was $500 hidden in the locked toilet paper supply cabinet in the 4th grade boy’s bathroom. This went on for a few days. I’m not sure if they planned it or if it just happened, but Jamie and 2 other boys ended up meeting at the same time in the bathroom where they proceeded to try to pry open the cabinet with the bathroom passes. Thankfully a teacher came by before they could do any damage to school property.

Ah, not so bad right? But he didn’t stop them and tell them it was a joke that went too far. He also lied to the teacher, insisting that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Tom said the principal was trying not to laugh either. What we are all, I think, trying to figure out is why $500? I mean, if you’re going to do it, go big, think $5000! So, for posterity’s sake, here is my son’s first write up from school. I’m so proud. Also are the apology letters he had to write as punishment.

Behavoir Report Apologies

Tom and I, even a few weeks later, are still giggling about this. You just never know what kids are going to do, I suppose. Luckily, there was no damage done. While contrite, I could tell he was pretty proud of himself for pulling off the joke for so long. Yeah, he is definitely our son.

Heard from the dining room — Jamie’s Joke


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Jamie grinningJamie told us a joke today at dinner and I thought it was funny enough to share…

The phone went green green. I pinked it up and said yellow.


Heard from the… kitchen


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Yet another lost toothThe Tooth Fairy has been busy in our house, there are teeth falling out all over the place. It’s kinda crazy, actually. I posted about the trick the tooth fairy pulled earlier, they both lost their teeth on the same day and she brought them each half of $10 bill. Apparently, Jamie hatched a plan…

They’ve both had loose teeth for a while again. Cassie is, of course, babying hers and refusing to help it along at all. This morning Jamie’s tooth was so loose and it was poking him, so he pulled it out. No problem, no more tooth.

He just came in here and was asking me about the Tooth Fairy (he knows, yes) and then ran off demanding that Cassie pull her tooth too. Apparently he thinks the old broad is going to cough up another $5 each. *laughing* If he succeeds, she might just have to… hmmm…

He asked Cassie thought and she ran away screaming “No!!!” so I doubt he’ll get his wish.

He came in and told me what happened and then said, “Geez, mom, you’d think she’s going to keep it forever and give it a name already!” I cracked up. My little boy is getting my sarcastic sense of humor alright. LOL

Maybe the old fairy lady should leave him a $20 for spite. *laughing*

Tooth Fairy plays a trick…


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That darned tooth is finally out!!!So, Saturday night both the kids lost teeth. Cassie lost that top one that had been loose since April (not kidding) and Jamie lost his first molar. I did end up pulling Cassie’s for her. She has really weird teeth, they don’t seem to dissolve all the way and they start poking her and she starts complaining and I can’t take it anymore so I reach up and tug it just a little and it pops out. So there’s no real “pulling” going on there – I just need relief from the constant whining. I seriously cannot take it.

So, I yanked her tooth out. After many tears beforehand, I yanked it out and she didn’t even know it was out. Of course.

Sleepover - watched Tooth FairyI had promised we would have a sleepover on the living room floor and watch Tooth Fairy, the movie. So that’s what we did. We laughed and giggled in all the right places, etc etc.

Wow. A two-fer! Jamie's 1st molar just came out too!I started to fall asleep when Jamie comes over and tells me “hey mom, my tooth is getting looser”. I told him that was great and it’d probably come out next week. Next thing I know, I’m awakened by “Mom! It’s out! My tooth is out!”. He had worried it until it came out.

It’s funny he’s a lot like me when I was a kid. If I had a loose tooth, I’d play with that thing until it came out. Not Cassie, she protects and babies her loose teeth until they are hanging on by a thread. He had quite a bit of blood (on his face, on his shirt – where he had wiped his fingers) so we got him cleaned up and all set.

So, all that was left was for the tooth fairy to come… which, of course, meant that Tom and I had to come up with some evil thing to do to our children (yeah, that’s not a college fund people, that’s a therapy fund)… here’s the morning after…

So yeah, they were disappointed more than thinking she was silly. It’s still kinda funny though :)

Heard from the… dining room table


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Hangin' at the kid hair cut place waiting on Cassie

Tom made these amazing burgers a few nights ago along with some baked french fries.

Jamie, who recently has started actually eating potatoes in other forms pipes up:

“Wow, these are kind of potatoey!”

Which begs the question… what did the 9-year-old THINK french fries were made of?

Oh, and Cassie has lice again. I guess we didn’t catch them all last time. ARGH! I’ve come up with an insane mommy regiment to get rid of them this time. I mean it! This is war, people!

Parenthood: Right of Passage? Oh, ick!


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Multi-TomThat’s it! I quit! I want off of this mommy train NOW please. First, you should know that I’m weird about germs and hygiene. I have a very high ick factor and get grossed out pretty easily. If a kid pukes and misses, Tom, who is a saint, has to deal with it. I simply cannot. Dog accidents? I’m out. So imagine my horror when my BFF called to tell me that her daycare had an outbreak of lice and her daughter (who spends about 36 hours with us each week) has them. Ewww… ewww… ewww…

Tom checked our kids, but didn’t see anything, but I (who am crazy and psychosomatic) spent most of the day scratching my head and SWEARING I could feel something crawling on my head. After dinner I decided to check the kids to be sure. Found a louse in each head (can I, again, say “Ewwww”)? And what might be a few nits in my girl’s hair. Ewwwww…

For those of you who have never had to deal with this… it could very well end a marriage. I’m not kidding. First, you have to wrangle two children, put this goop in their dry hair, let it sit for 10 minutes. Oh, that’s the easy part because then you get to rinse it out and spend an hour with a fine-toothed comb hunting in their heads for nits, dead (or dying) lice. This sounds easy, but the hair is about the consistency of dry hay. My kids were really good about sitting still, but I could not IMAGINE doing this on a smaller kid or one that hadn’t been threatened to within an inch of their lives (what? Did I say Ewwww?)

Oh, but in the meantime, you’ve washed every sheet, pillow, towel, stuffed animal, and comforter in sight. You even dig up the stuff you packed away from 2 months ago and wash it again (ummm… okay, maybe that’s just me). Can we say Ewwww? When that’s done, you have to do your own head. Oh, but not your HUSBAND who is freaking bald anyway (thus the photo). Your husband gets to do your head and you start to eye the knife block in the kitchen as he drags this “comb” through the straw that is now your hair.

It wasn’t fun. We had some stuff that couldn’t be washed, so it’s in a plastic bag in the garage so they’ll starve or whatever.

Tom didn’t find anything in my head, thank goodness. I didn’t want to take a chance though. The bad is that I had just colored my hair so it was already a little dried out, but adding the other chemicals, it was like steel wool hair. We did a deep condition too. Ugh. Cassie, we found a few nits, maybe 7 or so lice. Jamie, we only found one little louse. I’m sure more were in there that washed out or whatever, right? I don’t know how this works.

If I never ever ever get to do that again, it’ll be too soon.

Oh, wait. You’re supposed to do it ALL OVER AGAIN in seven days. Score. Not. My advice? Buy extra lice shampoo if this happens to you – and don’t count on your husband to find those little buggers!

And yes, I realize that nearly ever kid gets lice and it doesn’t mean my children are dirty or gross or anything, but… ewwwwww!!!

I’m going to get a massage tomorrow morning. I deserve it. *shudder*

There were BUGS in my child’s HAIR. Crawling around. Seriously.

Heard from the backseat…


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Jamie and I were driving in the car yesterday and he was in the backseat rambling about random stuff like he does. I honestly just nod and say “uh huh” a lot because it’s nearly a verbal assault with him when he gets going.

We’re driving along and stop in traffic in front of a stone supply place. He’s looking and rambling about it and talking about what they sell and why.

I told him that they sell stones, so you can decorate our house or whatever you’d use them for. He got really quiet back there and you could nearly hear the little gears turning his head… about a full minute later I hear.

“Mom. They sell rocks!” in the most incredulous voice I’ve ever heard.

Yes, son, they sell rocks…. and people buy them.

Heard from the… bedroom


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My little #kindle stealerJamie has been sick, home from school the past 4 days. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday because he said he had a sore throat when he swallows and his tummy was hurting. I thought there was a chance he had strep because those are the two tell-tale signs. It was negative (whew!) but he still didn’t eat hardly anything all week. On Wednesday night he was crying in his sleep because he had an earache. Back to the doctor yesterday and he has an ear infection. It’s been quite a week.

When the kids are sick, we let them sleep on the floor in our room or in bed with me (poor Tom takes the sofa). Last night, we moved the mattress from Jamie’s bed into our room on the floor and he sacked out there.

Cassie comes in dressed this morning while I’m brushing my hair. I had music playing (Single Ladies) so she and I were dancing around, being silly. Cassie announced it was a dance party morning. Jamie sat up on his bed and started bouncing up and down and said, “That means I’m the bouncer!!”

Heh. Yup, it’s Club Beauchamp apparently.

Oh, and the photo is Jamie reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman on my Kindle. Little thief :)