Heard From The Bedroom… Sex!


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Okay, so the title was to get your attention…

Cassie hasn’t really asked about sex or anything like that and we decided it was time (more on that in a minute) to fill her in a little bit before the kids at school told her god-knows-what. After her shower, I sat down with her in my bedroom and asked her if she had ever heard the word “sex” before. She said yes and I asked her if she knew what it meant. She proudly told me “It means love.” Awwwww… ya know, I think that’s the most apt description I’ve ever heard.

So, anyway, the big reason I brought it up to her is because she hadn’t asked and I knew we needed to have that talk soon. But also because Tom is scheduled to have a vasectomy this week. Can I just say, “Yay!” Our kids are 8 and 10. We’ve been married for 18 years. Everyone in this house can wipe their own butts and buckle their own seat belts. We’re done with the baby-making part of our lives and I’m looking forward to not having to deal with any accidents, quite frankly.

So, yeah, we haven’t told the kids about that yet, but I figured it would be easier to explain why Dad has an ice pack on his crotch later if I addressed it now.

One more funny… when the doctor asked if Tom was doing this for himself or his wife or what the deal was, Tom said that he was doing it for “us”.  I think that’s probably the most apt description I’ve heard too.

Snippy-Snip, baby!

PS – before anyone can tell me I’m oversharing more than I should, I asked permission before posting this news ;)

Updates – the good, the bad and the super sweet


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IMG_8376Late photo of Cassie and her cake on her birthday…

I’ve been basically hibernating since my last post. Tax season was a bit brutal to me this year. Crazy, but should hopefully slack off once I catch up – if I ever do catch up!

The kids are doing fabulous. Jamie has really come out of his shell this year, he’s managed to drop probably 20 pounds and his grades are AMAZING. I’m so proud of him. If I could get him to get up in the morning without threatening him with bodily harm, then life would be REALLY fabulous. Cassie is puttering right now along… she loves school and loves learning and always has a smile and a hug ready for nearly everyone.

Tom got notice that due to the budget cuts, his position will be cut after this year. So yeah, he’ll have worked five months. Very sad, but we have hope that he will be rehired. He honestly loves teaching and has loved the past four months. Funny, he finally finds what he’s supposed to be doing in life and now this, but we have always believed that things happen how they are supposed to so I have faith that this is just a bump in the road. (Yes, I think he’s crazy… there’s so many of them – no way – not happening – I’d rather have bamboo shoved under my nails). But I must say that he’s been so genuinely happy that I really do hope he’s able to continue next year. The good news is that he was hired, so he’s in the rehire pool. Like I told him, if he wasn’t, he’d be in a bad position. So, see? Not all bad.

I’m doing well, getting ready for a few upcoming trips and various things going on. Excited, but already exhausted. At least I have a couple of weeks to recover before we go… it’s going to be fun! First stop is Portland, then to Dallas this Summer and then Vegas this Fall. Never been to Portland or Vegas so I’m super excited.

Not much else going on, honestly… just going day by day… we did get the kids new bikes. I know it’s sad, but our kids don’t know how to ride. They had bikes with training wheels, but Jamie took a nasty fall when he was 5 or 6 and refused to get back on it. We’re kind of making him get one because I know he’ll like it. Cassie, of course, is all over it and trying her hardest to learn. She can go if I give her a good shove, she just can’t start or turn around yet very well. It’s coming along though!

And now a sweet story (and to show you that either Tom is the sweetest husband ever or he has everyone snowed)… I texted him a few weeks ago while he was at the grocery store and asked him to bring me some jelly beans. I was going to be up most of the night and I needed something to chew on. He came home with them. No problem right? He told later that he had to go back in because he was packing the car. Awww… sweet right? Well, he went back through the line and the lady said something and he said “Oh, my wife wanted jelly beans so I came back in”. She asked when I was due (umm. no.) and he said, “Oh, she’s not pregnant, she just asked and I came back in”. She was surprised and asked something to which he replied, “Yeah, I just can’t resist a pretty face.”

Snowed or sweet? Hmmm… it’s been 18 years and I’m still not sure…

Happy Birthday, Cassie


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Eighth BirthdayHappy Birthday, baby girl. I cannot believe you are already eight years old. Your dad and I are so proud of you who you have become. We know how lucky we are that you are just who you are – mac n cheese hating and all ;)

Keep smiling, baby girl…

Random February Update


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Thanksgiving 2010 Outdoor (7)I know I’ve not done a real good job the past few months about updating, it’s been a pretty crazy time in our lives. Jamie’s now 10 and Cassie turns 8 very soon. I swear, I must have blinked. I feel so lucky to have two wonderful kids that get along with each other and us. It’s honestly a little weird sometimes how well they do together. I keep waiting for major wars to break out, but so far… so good (knocking on wood furiously).

So, let’s see… Jamie turned 10 (when did this happen?!?!) October 17th. He’s such a wonderful young man that I’m proud to be his mother. He’s very empathetic towards everyone he meets, just an amazing boy. A few months ago, we took him to be evaluated and, while I wasn’t completely on board, he has Inattentive ADHD (the difference is that he really doesn’t have the hyper part, just the inability to focus). He’s been on medication for two months now and (again) I wasn’t completely on board until his teacher grabbed me during a school event last month and told me that she has seen such an amazing real change in him and how he’s able to finish his work on time, get his math worksheets done and she’s not constantly having to keep in on task. We’ve noticed some changes here at home too. He doesn’t take it on the weekends or days off from school. It’s really to help focus during class. He brought it up yesterday, actually, and said that he likes that he’s not in trouble so much for not doing his work and he doesn’t feel like his brain is “crazy” (whatever that means). I know it’s the right decision, but it still bugs me a little. I still think ADHD is over-diagnosed. So, I suppose I’m still leery overall, but it’s made a BIG difference for him. Contradiction, much?

We spent Christmas in South Carolina again. I love spending the holidays with my mom and sisters. I think next year we might stay home though. It’s a trek and really wore us all out. We drive (yes, 1250 miles one way) and we take the dogs (Leo cannot really handle being boarded) so it’s kind of crazy.

Cassie. Oh, Cassie. Cassie turns 8 this week. Cassie is a bright and lovely young lady. She’s very responsible and likes to keep people on point. She likes to snuggle up as much as she likes her independence. She made it into Robotics (see my previous post – LOL) and is having a great time. She’s also doing REALLY well with violin lessons. Something clicked for her a couple of months ago and she’s finally getting the rhythm parts and a few pieces are actually really pretty sounding. She’s an amazing student, but works hard to achieve her goals in school. She’s so serious sometimes that I feel like I have to remind her to have some fun too. Perhaps responsible was an understatement. Militant might be more accurate. *laughing*

Our biggest news lately is that Tom got a job! He’s teaching 5th grade and loving it! It’s hard work, but he has great students and is enjoying following his dream. It’s been nice to have group insurance and a FSA again too, I won’t lie. It’s been a big adjustment for us both. I’ve had to do all the daily running around while trying to keep my neck above water in my business, but we’re making it through pretty well.

Me? I’m doing okay. I’m finally getting the allergy testing (and hopefully shots) I’ve been wanting to do for many years. Living in Austin is rough, I have allergy issues 10 months or so out of the year and I’m hoping this will help a little. I just need something to help me get it under control and livable. This year was really bad during cedar season. Otherwise, it’s been pretty much the same old same old.

I promise to make more of an effort here. I tend to update on Facebook more often, but I know this is more permanent so I’ll try harder :)

Robotics for Cassie


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Before school let out, Cassie found out they were going to be starting a robotics program for the lower grades at her school. She talked about it ALL Summer. She also asked about it every week since school has started. At long last, the school sent the coveted letter home. They are taking “applications” and 12 kids will be asked to join – that’s all they have enough kits for. The key is that you have to write a paragraph saying why you want to join robotics. This is very serious, folks. Cassie has written a letter, a sloppy copy. I’ve been asked to edit it and she’ll re-write it tomorrow. This has to be cutest letter EVER so I’m sharing it. Click on it to see it, I’ve translated it in this post though. Tell me you wouldn’t let this little girl into your robotics program. I dare you!

Cassie's Robotics Request

Robotics Paragraph

By Cassie Beauchamp

I really like robots and I always wanted to be in the robotics club. My brother has a robotics kit and I really like the robotics kit. My dad used it for robotics. My dad helped teach robotics. I’m really interested in robots. I have watched the big kids in the past. I have seen the robots go around the course. I liked seeing them build the robots. When my dad said they were doing a kid robotics I said “When are they?” I was waiting for a long time to get into robotics.

One Lucky Momma


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IMAG0006.jpgI’m pretty lucky. My kids have always gotten along pretty well. They have their moments, but for the most part, they are really cool. This school year, we’ve put them in charge of getting their own breakfast (unless we offer to cook something – not usually!) and their own lunch. I was sitting here putting on my shoes when I heard them talking while making breakfast. It’s interesting how well they work together to get their cereal made. They choose one, Jamie gets down the bowls while Cassie finds the spoons. Then Cassie pours the cereal in and Jamie pours in the milk. Voila!

Now, if I could train them to put the milk and cereal back in the fridge/cabinet…

BUT it is really sweet how well they do together. It makes me proud to think that I actually had something to do with that, it was my superior parenting skills that have shaped my children into cooperative… oh heck… it was luck. ;)

Heard from the… family snuggle time…


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At this great little playground near Ikea. Had which wich for... on TwitpicWe were snugging Sunday morning, Cassie and I. She was being a sweet and giving me tons of kisses and hugs.I really love weekend mornings, the kids are relaxed and always ready with hugs and kisses. It’s also when I know they will talk to me more than just a mumble here and there. But usually it’s about getting as many hugs and kisses as I can out of them. I figure they are still young and sweet and eventually they won’t want to share the love (well, not with me anyway… eep!)

The conversation went like this:

Me: Will you always have kisses for me?
Cassie: Yes, always
Me: How about when you’re 10?
Cassie: Of course
Me: How about when you’re 13?
Cassie: Yes, Mom!
Me: How about when you’re 15?
Cassie: I can’t make no promises about that.

Sigh. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Report card time!


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Celebrating Jamie's school pride award at @sprinklesfroyoI absolutely must brag on my children. They both got really really good grades!

Jamie got 2 As and 3 Bs. 2 of those Bs were 89s, so just one little point away from an A. Here’s how they broke down:
Reading – 86
Written Comp – 89
Social Studies – 89
Math – 92
Science – 93

He received “satisfactory” in PE and Art and an “excellent” in music. The only “bad” grade he got was a “needs improvement” in the citizenship department because he doesn’t work well in groups and he doesn’t always pay attention (welcome to my world, teacher lady!) ;) It’s no surprise he doesn’t do well in groups. I get annoyed when I have to work in a group too. I’m just 35 years old and have learned to grit my teeth and deal with it. *laughing*

Cassie did very excellent as well. She doesn’t get actual grades, but I don’t think I’ve seen a B come home from that child. She’s super dedicated. Her report card was all 3s and 4s with a few 2s thrown in. The only 1 she got was in technology because they hadn’t done it yet. Yeah, the kid with her own blog and has a computer in her room. Cute.

At any rate… mommy brag over. I am quite proud though! :)

Violin-Playing Cassie


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Cassie let me take a video of her playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star last week. She’s getting pretty good at it. She’s gotten better even in the past week, speeding it up a little and letting her fingers move faster on the strings. I’m pretty impressed seeing as she’s only been at it for a few months. (be warned, she’s a little squeaky in places, this is not the symphony folks!)

Maybe Jamie will let me post him playing clarinet soon too.

Tooth Fairy plays a trick…


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That darned tooth is finally out!!!So, Saturday night both the kids lost teeth. Cassie lost that top one that had been loose since April (not kidding) and Jamie lost his first molar. I did end up pulling Cassie’s for her. She has really weird teeth, they don’t seem to dissolve all the way and they start poking her and she starts complaining and I can’t take it anymore so I reach up and tug it just a little and it pops out. So there’s no real “pulling” going on there – I just need relief from the constant whining. I seriously cannot take it.

So, I yanked her tooth out. After many tears beforehand, I yanked it out and she didn’t even know it was out. Of course.

Sleepover - watched Tooth FairyI had promised we would have a sleepover on the living room floor and watch Tooth Fairy, the movie. So that’s what we did. We laughed and giggled in all the right places, etc etc.

Wow. A two-fer! Jamie's 1st molar just came out too!I started to fall asleep when Jamie comes over and tells me “hey mom, my tooth is getting looser”. I told him that was great and it’d probably come out next week. Next thing I know, I’m awakened by “Mom! It’s out! My tooth is out!”. He had worried it until it came out.

It’s funny he’s a lot like me when I was a kid. If I had a loose tooth, I’d play with that thing until it came out. Not Cassie, she protects and babies her loose teeth until they are hanging on by a thread. He had quite a bit of blood (on his face, on his shirt – where he had wiped his fingers) so we got him cleaned up and all set.

So, all that was left was for the tooth fairy to come… which, of course, meant that Tom and I had to come up with some evil thing to do to our children (yeah, that’s not a college fund people, that’s a therapy fund)… here’s the morning after…

So yeah, they were disappointed more than thinking she was silly. It’s still kinda funny though :)