Happy 12th Birthday to Jamie!


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12-years-ago today, this sweet little baby boy came into our lives and changed things forever.

Now he’s still changing things. BUT he still smells funky too ;)

And a little bit of a funny…

Last night, Jamie asked me what time he was born, so I bought up his photos to see . He asked about Cassie (who was HUGE compared to him) and then asked me if it hurt.

I looked at him and said, “You do know how babies come out right?”


“Well, what do YOU think”

… he just nodded and kind of walked away giggling nervously. I decided not to torture him with the whole 13 hour induced labor thought-I-was-going-to-die tale. I’ll save that for the first time he goes on a date or something.

Happy 11th Birthday, Jamie


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Today, my baby boy turns 11. I guess I need to stop calling him baby boy, but what he fails to realize is that he will always be my baby. I look
at him now and can hardly believe that this photo is the same human being. He’s grown up to be such an amazing kid with a heart of gold and a ready hug. He’s sensitive, gentle, loving and caring of others. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s sarcastic. He loves to laugh and make others laugh with him.IMAG0259.jpg

Jamie seems to innately know when someone is feeling down and will clown around to cheer them up – or give one of his amazing hugs to make them feel better. His smile radiates through his face and his laugh is infectious. He loves computer games, yes, but he also loves playing board games and playing outside with friends.

This year, he had a couple of friends over for a sleepover this weekend and tonight we will take him to the Melting Pot for his birthday celebration dinner. I cannot wait to hear his antics over dinner. He’s always got something funny to tell us about and make us laugh.

A big big big Happy Birthday to my “little” guy. We love you, Jamie!

Happy Birthday, Cassie


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Eighth BirthdayHappy Birthday, baby girl. I cannot believe you are already eight years old. Your dad and I are so proud of you who you have become. We know how lucky we are that you are just who you are – mac n cheese hating and all ;)

Keep smiling, baby girl…

Random February Update


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Thanksgiving 2010 Outdoor (7)I know I’ve not done a real good job the past few months about updating, it’s been a pretty crazy time in our lives. Jamie’s now 10 and Cassie turns 8 very soon. I swear, I must have blinked. I feel so lucky to have two wonderful kids that get along with each other and us. It’s honestly a little weird sometimes how well they do together. I keep waiting for major wars to break out, but so far… so good (knocking on wood furiously).

So, let’s see… Jamie turned 10 (when did this happen?!?!) October 17th. He’s such a wonderful young man that I’m proud to be his mother. He’s very empathetic towards everyone he meets, just an amazing boy. A few months ago, we took him to be evaluated and, while I wasn’t completely on board, he has Inattentive ADHD (the difference is that he really doesn’t have the hyper part, just the inability to focus). He’s been on medication for two months now and (again) I wasn’t completely on board until his teacher grabbed me during a school event last month and told me that she has seen such an amazing real change in him and how he’s able to finish his work on time, get his math worksheets done and she’s not constantly having to keep in on task. We’ve noticed some changes here at home too. He doesn’t take it on the weekends or days off from school. It’s really to help focus during class. He brought it up yesterday, actually, and said that he likes that he’s not in trouble so much for not doing his work and he doesn’t feel like his brain is “crazy” (whatever that means). I know it’s the right decision, but it still bugs me a little. I still think ADHD is over-diagnosed. So, I suppose I’m still leery overall, but it’s made a BIG difference for him. Contradiction, much?

We spent Christmas in South Carolina again. I love spending the holidays with my mom and sisters. I think next year we might stay home though. It’s a trek and really wore us all out. We drive (yes, 1250 miles one way) and we take the dogs (Leo cannot really handle being boarded) so it’s kind of crazy.

Cassie. Oh, Cassie. Cassie turns 8 this week. Cassie is a bright and lovely young lady. She’s very responsible and likes to keep people on point. She likes to snuggle up as much as she likes her independence. She made it into Robotics (see my previous post – LOL) and is having a great time. She’s also doing REALLY well with violin lessons. Something clicked for her a couple of months ago and she’s finally getting the rhythm parts and a few pieces are actually really pretty sounding. She’s an amazing student, but works hard to achieve her goals in school. She’s so serious sometimes that I feel like I have to remind her to have some fun too. Perhaps responsible was an understatement. Militant might be more accurate. *laughing*

Our biggest news lately is that Tom got a job! He’s teaching 5th grade and loving it! It’s hard work, but he has great students and is enjoying following his dream. It’s been nice to have group insurance and a FSA again too, I won’t lie. It’s been a big adjustment for us both. I’ve had to do all the daily running around while trying to keep my neck above water in my business, but we’re making it through pretty well.

Me? I’m doing okay. I’m finally getting the allergy testing (and hopefully shots) I’ve been wanting to do for many years. Living in Austin is rough, I have allergy issues 10 months or so out of the year and I’m hoping this will help a little. I just need something to help me get it under control and livable. This year was really bad during cedar season. Otherwise, it’s been pretty much the same old same old.

I promise to make more of an effort here. I tend to update on Facebook more often, but I know this is more permanent so I’ll try harder :)

Cassie’s Birthday – she’s SEVEN now!


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On February 11th, Cassie turned 7. Yeah, I know! She was JUST born, I’m pretty sure! She insisted on a Bakugan party with bakugan cakes (thank goodness for Tom, I was so in over my head!), her best girl friends, and a sleepover afterwards with pizza and snacks. So speaketh the princess, it shall be done :)

Tom rocked, the cakes turned out fabulous (although I kept making boob comments cuz I’m 12). He copies the designs from 2 of Cassie’s favorite bakugan ball things.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (6)
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (8)

Here’s the party crew checking out the cakes
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (10)

Cassie, of course, blew out the candles
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (13)

She opened gifts
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (18)

The all posed for a silly picture
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (27)

I kinda got told to go away during the sleepover. Oops.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (28)

… and Daddy made pink heart-shaped waffles for breakfast the next morning. Yes, he is awesome.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (30)

Pics from Jamie’s birthday party


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Jamie’s party was the middle of last month, but I’m just getting through the photos… there were a lot of kids.

No, really… A LOT of kids:
Group Eating
I think all parents loved us. We held it from 5pm-7pm, so it was perfect for them to drop their kid and go out to dinner. *laugh*

Jamie thought it was pretty cool though:
Thumbs Up To Party

All the boys were running around like crazy (it was a costume party obviously) and at one point guarded the fort:
Boys Guarding Fort

The girls decided to stay away from that craziness:
Girls Corner

You can just see them saying “boys are SO weird”:
Boys are so weird

… and the obligatory candle pic:
Jamie with candle

I think Tom and I basically passed out that night… crazy! But it’s what Jamie asked for and they all had a great time!

Jamie’s Birthday Surprise


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Yes, I’m behind a bit. Whatever.

A new Wimpy Kid came out several days before his birthday. We did everything we could to keep him from finding out, including guiding him away from displays at Barnes & Noble. I also had him convinced he was getting just clothes since he was getting so many other gifts. Cassie even got into it and told him we just got him clothes. Surprise!

Cassie’s birthday party – a proper (?) tea party


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Cassie’s party this year was a tea party. We had a hard time finding hats and stuff, so we ended up getting lots of feathery looking stuff. (Tom and I think it was more of a pimp party, but hey… whatever… the girls liked it!)

Blowing out the candle…
Cassie blowing out candle

The girls made necklaces with beads. I was impressed that many of them stuck with it until they got their necklace done.
Necklace Making

They escaped outside to play for a while… Cassie scored a swing…
Cassie Swinging

Tom’s fort held up well to all the fun!
Kids take on the fort

I also realized I didn’t get a good picture of the cake other than this phone picture

Cassie's Bday cake... A purse for her tea party on TwitPic

…but Jamie got some video… All camera work is the will of the budding 8 year old filmographer. *head rush* :-)

Cassie’s Family Birthday Celebration


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Because Cassie’s birthday (yes, I know I’m like 2 months late posting, thanks for reminding me that suck) fell on a Wednesday this year, we had a little family celebration on the day and her party that weekend…

We gave her a tea set and because we are a family of geeks, the kids immediate put a penny in the sugar bowl. I wonder how many people will understand why… I’ll share after the photo…

Penny in Teapot - just like Francis

There’s a book called A Bargain for Frances that we all love. In the book, Francis gets swindled out of her tea set by her friend, but tricks the friend into taking it back by putting a penny in the sugar bowl and telling the friend something was in there, so the friend naturally wants HER tea set back. A trick yes, but well, the friend was tricking her first. Anyway… I thought it was sweet…

Here she is opening her gift and having her first tea party with her brother. I must also say that Jamie was a prince this night… he was such a good sport!

Cassie Opening Gift

Cassie w Teaset

First tea party

Girl’s Rock Band at M’s Party…


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Earlier this year, my dear friend Crystal had THE birthday EVENT of the year for her oldest daughter. It was a rock band party. And we had a photo shoot. Oh yes. The girl band attitude was in full effect, people! Photos below…

I must also say that us adult girls had a great time too. She sent the husband and son out of the house for the night. We got the kids settled and we had a few drinks :) I ended up crashing on the sofa and we threw food at them in the morning until their moms came and got them. It was great fun, as you’ll see below…

Cassie LOVED this guitar. She had a great time playing with it.
RockStar Cassie

Ah, here they are… Courtney, Alanis and Pink…
Girl Rock Band