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I’m starting to worry a bit about Jamie’s obsession with this stupid computer game that Tom taught him – it’s called Generals (something or other). It doesn’t bother me that he plays it, but nearly everything he has to do at school and bring home centers around this game.

For this assignment, it looks like he had to write instructions for doing something. Most kids maybe built a fort or a lego house or something. Not mine… he writes for how to play the game.

We’ve already cut him way back to only being able to play a set time on weekends only. I have no idea if that will work. I shouldn’t be surprised, his dad is addicted to World of Warcraft. Must run in the blood.

Anyway, here’s his cute drawings anyway *laugh*

General Obession

More Art Crap from Jamie…


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These came from school over the past week…

The first is a boot. I think that must be some book they read or something. It says “Dear Armadillo Boy, you did good but that boot was not an armadillo. From, Jamie”

Armadillo Boy - From School

And this is a “Quilt Story”. I think he took this more literally than he was supposed to because it’s about… well, it’s about he and his sister… making a quilt. *laugh*

Quilt Story - From School

Latest Art From Kiddos


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Cassie has her 5 year check up today – Tom says he’s gonna post about it later.

In the meantime…

Jamie drew the houses. With the really small doors and really big snail. Ummm… okay.

Cassie did the invitation to my birthday party (no, we didn’t have one – we did have a little celebration with just us) with her MiMi.

Jamies Art - Houses with very large snail

Cassies Art - Mommys Birthday Invitation



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Originally uploaded by Candy_Beauchamp

Jamie’s weird art – the orange thing is getting pooped on by the blimp in the sky and the man in the box is peeing on him! Oh my! (actually it’s bombs and bullets, but that isn’t what it looks like to me!)

Jamie’s Art


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He made this in art class so they could send it home along with the cookie stuff below so we could buy some stuff made out of his art. I bought some magnets to give as xmas gifts. LOL.

Jamie tell me that it is a rock star’s house, the red is the “flames”. Okay then.

Letter to Mom from Jamie… awwwww…


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Translation: Dear Mom, I love you, Mom. I like you for taking me places.

Lil Picasso


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Jamie – Kindergarten – Then & Now


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We were going through the big envelopes of stuff (finally) that the teacher sent home with Jamie and wow… what a difference.

This was his writing during the first week of school:
And, no I don’t know why he draws penis-looking things. (Remember the butterfly?)

… and these were done in late April…

… and just a funny story about the one below… Jamie kept forgetting where he left his library books. At the house, in the car, in the classroom… he apparently wrote this one on a day he did NOT want to be at school and the teacher responded *laugh*

Jamie’s First Novel…


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This came home from school… I believe I may have a novelist on my hands!

“My tooth is loose” I said. Notice the dog at his feet, and of course Cassie beside him.

“Julie, look my tooth fell out” – Julie is our dog. Notice he’s holding the tooth there.

“The tooth fairy is here.” Notice the pillow, the ZZZs and and the little tooth fairy.

“I got two dollars.” – You gotta be impressed not only by the money drawn in his hands, but the halo on his head (?)
“I am having breakfast.” — no idea what this has to do with anything, but he and Cassie having breakfast – notice the cereal in the bowls? LOL!

Cassie’s First Recognizable Art *sniffle*


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Look, you can even see what stuff is. *sniff sniff*