Blow Pen time!


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It’s pretty rare that the kids play with certain things and markers and things are more off than on (except the easel which is always a favorite), but Cassie found the blow pens. I envisioned a mess, but it really wasn’t too bad… what they spilled I was able to mop right up with the Swiffer and it kept them busy long enough for me to finish a deadline.

Blow Pens1

Maker Faire Fun!


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We went to Maker Faire this year again. We had a really great time and can’t wait to do it again. It’s such a geeky fun thing to do. Cassie made a kite, they both made penny parachutes and peeps, we saw the Tesla coil rock show, the kids painted pumpkins and rode a teeter totter, we watched a puppet show during lunch, we saw the eepy birds, oh we just did so so so much, that’s just what I got photos of! A full day of fun was had by all.

Seriously, folks, it worth every penny – go the next time it comes. You won’t regret it…

I threw the pictures into a slid eshow – enjoy!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Tom came home wanting to make Tesla coils and the kids want to “explode the house”. Ummm… help?


Some Artwork….


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Cassie had homework one day last week where she had to draw pictures of things that start with the letter S. She drew this:
Cassies Things That Start With S

… but she wanted Dad to color while she did it, so Tom colored this:
Daddys Color Page

These she brought home (Jamie doesn’t do too much drawing much anymore, sniffle).

I’m not sure what the purpose of this was, but she (shocker!) drew Pikachu on the lunchbox. I’m slightly disturbed that the thing seems to have a red bullet hole on it’s ear (or is that normal? I don’t even know).
Cassies Pikachu Lunchbox

The rainbow that is Cassie… (the red is pizza sauce)
Cassies Rainbow

I was quite proud of her with this one, actually…
Cassies Lion Artwork

9/21 Arts & Crafts Show in Anderson Mill


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Okay, I’m not all that artsie or crafty, but it’s a small neighborhood craft show, so I’m going to go check it out with the kiddos. Hope to see some of you there!

Anderson Mill Arts & Crafts Show

Craft Time — Pokemon cards?


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My kids are obsessed with Pokemon cards. OBSESSED. So a couple of weeks ago they decided to MAKE cards themselves. I just nod my head a lot at this point, ya know?

So, here’s the pics…

This is Jamie (who is, as usual, annoyed with me) and our friend, J. J’s mommy is mean and doesn’t let her have Pokemon cards so she made some of her own. I think J’s mommy doesn’t let her come over as much because of the Pokemon craze that is going on around here (okay, maybe it’s cuz everyone is back to work and school too) LOL
Making Their Own Pokemon Cards

Jamie is always very serious about crafts. Sometimes I want to smack him and scream “Have a good time, kid!”
Jamie Concentrating

And here’s Cassie waiting for inspiration to strike.
Cassie Waiting For Inspiration

First Summer Craft — SAND ART!


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Yeah, so for whatever reason, my kids went crazy about this stuff. They wanted to do sand art. So I bought sand art. I said we would do it the first week after school was out. We did it Wednesday…. and survey says…

Jamies First Summer Craft - Sand Art

I think they were a little disappointed. I think they were expecting this big huge deal with the sand and decorations and mixing it up, I showed them how to make it layered, but then Cassie’s settled and she fell and it got all wiggly and she had a melt down and wouldn’t let me take a picture because it wasn’t any good anymore, so we added sand to them both and man… Jamie’s expression says it all.

I think I’m gonna just let them play outside with dirt and sticks. That seems safer somehow. Maybe I’ll get Jamie a beebee gun and a slingshot and Cassie can have some matches.

Or something.



Cassie’s Drawing – A little disturbing actually


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So this is me and Julie (the dog).

Let’s ignore the fact that I’m frowning. The round things she tells me (blushing) are shoulders. I am pretty sure she made it anatomically correct. LOL. And WHAT is up with my hair, dudes? And why are my arms (not attached to my shoulders) coming out of my ears? Hmmm… seriously, though, how cute is that?
Cassies Drawing

Heh, I’m 12


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So, I always try to put a little note in Jamie’s snack and/or lunchbox. I’ve been putting in a countdown in his snack each day and he usually writes back “Yay!” or something. On Friday, I sent a note that there were 4 more days left and he sent it back with this sticker. I couldn’t stop giggling. Yes, I’m 12. BUT so is Tom, he was giggling like a school girl.

Jamie’s gonna be a fish store owner!


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… apparently.

I’m guessing this was some “draw what you want to do when you grow up” type of thing. He came home with this several days ago. There’s a shop with a big sign off of the main freeway that is called Pet Supplies Plus. I guess he sees it often enough, he drew it! I thought he did a pretty good job, lotsa detail going on here!

Jamies Fish Store 1

It says “Pets Supplies Plus” and under that I think it says “Fish Free”

Jamies Fish Store 2

I think this says “I sell fish and fish food. They would buy these.”
“Fish Surprise”
“Fish Food”
“For your happy fish”

Okay, that last bit made me seriously LOL


Ice Sculptures


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We stayed a hotel that is around the campus for Johnson and Wales in Charlotte. It’s a culinary arts school. We saw them cooking as we walked around downtown and we saw them doing ice sculptures one day in the area near the parking garage. It was really neat!

Ice Sculptures at Johnson Wales