Why, yes, I am still putting up with him….


Posted by Candy | Posted in Holidays | Posted on 03-03-2010

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So today, Tom and I celebrate 17 years of marriage and look at how far we’ve come. It’s hard to believe we are 18 and 21 in that photo (and no cracks about the hair – that was high fashion in 1993!).

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been through the best and the worst of times, but we’ve always managed to do it together. Someone asked me last month how we manage to stay happy together and it’s not an easy question to answer. I think the big thing is that we laugh together – a lot. We laugh at ourselves, each other and at our own inside stupid jokes. If we are angry, we usually say what we have to say and move on – agreeing to disagree. We argue, but usually about stupid stuff.

More importantly, he lets me win a good bit. Hey, he’s not stupid, right? ;)

Happy anniversary, Tom. Love you, babe!