I think Cassie might have a crush…


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…. what do you think?

I noticed that in the pictures I took (none of which really turned out all that good, I’m kind of in a photo slump – I think I need a new camera *laugh*) that this little boy is always nearby Cassie… last week, I caught this with my trusty long range lens…

Cassie Flirt 1

Cassie flirt 2

Cassie Flirt 3

Cassie flirt 4

Cassie flirt 5

Soccer season…


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… is almost over, but I did get a few pics to share… notice the boy in the first one just to the right of Cassie (you can barely see his head)… there will be more on him later this week… *laugh*

Cassie Kicking on Field

Cassie Kicking Ball In

Cassie at Field

Soccer Party – medal time!


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I didn’t have time this season to make the big soccer cake. A bit sad about that, but perhaps next season – if there is one, Cassie sounds like she wants to move on to something else – perhaps gymnastics.

She did, however, get her medal. She’s very proud of it. Tom had a really good season too. I think if she decides to stop playing, he will miss it way more than she will.


Final Soccer Game of Fall 08


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The final soccer game was a week ago and the kids had a great time! It was a pretty relaxed game and even Cassie got in on the action a little more (she’s usually the kid just running around in circles looking at the clouds).

Here she is with Coach Dad – I’m not sure what they were doing, but it appeared to be funny.

The sad part is only 4 families showed up for the last game. Participation seems to taper off. It irks me a bit that the parents don’t see it as a commitment but we know people just get busy, I guess.

The prettiest little girl smile in the world :)

Longhorn fan girls…


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I think Fridays are college football days at school… anyway, half the kids at Jamie’s party earlier this month were wearing burnt orange. I caught Cassie and the little girl next door and made them pose for a photo.

What’s so interesting is that Tom and I could care less about football. We went with the Longhorns stuff because… ummm, we live in Austin and you can find burnt orange all over the place.

Tessa and Cassie are Longhorn fans

Cassie shows ‘em who’s in charge on the field…


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Sometimes a picture just doesn’t need any words… (but I will anyway since I figured out how to make the little speech bubble thingies)

Bring it on!

Cassie Goes For It

Soccer time again!


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Soccer’s been going on for a few weeks. Cassie is playing and Tom is coaching again this season… she’s having a fabulous time! Cassie is doing really good this year too and we have a wonderful team this year as well. Go Eagles!

Cassie Thoughtful At Soccer

Cassie Running Dribbling Ball

Soccer Team Party


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The Spring soccer season is over. Tom coached this year and Cassie loved it. We had a team party at CiCi’s Pizza and the kids had a great time.

Here’s Cassie getting her medal from Coach Tom
Cassie Getting Her Soccer Meda From Coach Daddy

The kids at pizza
Spring 2008 Soccer Team Party Kids

And we did the cute photo cake thing again (kids loved it!)
Spring 2008 Soccer Team Party Cake

Soccer Photos from Last Weekend


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No game this weekend, so here’s some from last weekend. The team kicked butt! They rocked and did a great job. Goooo… Longhorns!

Just 2 more games before the season ends. A few friends have come out to watch Cassie’s game now and then – it’s very special for the kids to have people they love come watch. They love it!

Cassie Close Up In The Net

Cassie In The Net

Cassie Ready To Kick - In Profile

Lego Mindstorms Videos – Finally!


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Okay, I’m ignoring the fact that the sound didn’t come over, but I finally got the video off of my cell phone!

This is this week. They made helicopters. Way cool, dude!

I like last week’s the best though… robot dogs! They used the sensors so that if they started coming close to you, it would back up. Really cute. They didn’t program it to bark though – LOL

I think they made this one the week before… whatever… anyway, here’s a merry-go-round: