Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy


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The kids kept up with their chores and made sure Julie was fed and stuff (for the most part) so now us parents had to keep up with our end of the deal (TOM!) and they got their own pets.

Cassie got a gerbil that she named Fuzzy Wuzzy. He’s pretty docile, likes to chew – A LOT. And likes to run in his wheel at night (thankfully she seems to sleep through it).

Me? It’s a freaking rat. In my house. If it gets out, I’m totally setting one of those snap traps for it. I don’t care. You call it a pet. It’s a RAT. Don’t make me buy a cat. I don’t care that the two males in the house are allergic. If that rat gets lose, it’s hungry kitty food.

So here you go… this is Fuzzy Wuzzy and a shot of her house mansion

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz Cassies New Gerbil

Fuzzy Wuzzys Mansion

We will meet Jamie’s new pet tomorrow…

*evil laugh*

When the kids won’t let me take their picture…


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I basically have to resort to hounding poor little Julie when the kids decide to be anti-camera.

At least she’s cute (even if not fully potty trained *TOM*).

Look lady - take the picture and go away

A good picture of Julie…


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I took this late last week… I thought it turned out really good…

Julie In The Grass

Nighty Night — the spoiled dog…


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Cassie LOVES Julie. Julie worships Cassie. Seriously, this little dog puts up with so much from these kids. I honestly have no idea where she gets the patience. Julie likes to play with Jamie – mainly lick his ears – yeah, we think it’s weird too. But Cassie is her BFF. They are inseparable. I’ll walk into the living room or Cassie’s room and there they will be, Julie usually has finagled herself into getting a belly rub.

Sometimes we let Julie stay out for the night instead of putting her in the kennel. She almost always end up in bed with Cassie.

I’m not sure how she got covered up and snuggled in like this, but it was just too cute not to take a picture of:
Cassie and Julie - Night Night

Sigh… maybe I won’t give her away because she STILL isn’t 100% potty trained. Seriously, if it’s raining or cold the dog will NOT go outside. We’ve tried locking her out there and she just sits on the stoop shivering looking pathetic. Then comes in and promptly craps on the rug.

Freaking dog.

Dakota gets a new BFF


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Our friend, J, had the class pet (this stuffed lizard – I dunno, it’s weird, but whatever). So I took a picture of him with his new BFF, Dakota, our lizard.

J’s mom made me, I’m not THAT corny.

Errr… okay.

Js Rex and his new BFF

Some misc photos of the kiddos….


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I was playing with my camera and these are my faves…

Cassie and her BFF…
Cassie and her best friend

A face only a mother could love…
A face only a mother could love

Friend J gets the big hello from Julie…
Jessica - Julie saying hello

Jamie looking super cute…
Jamie Smirking

A family of entertainers…


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It’s a good thing I have a marketable skill or we’d all be in the poor house…

I think Julie’s WTF look kind of says it all:
Julie WTF

Cassie’s “Rock Show”
Rock Show 1

Rock Show

Jamie’s “Dog Show”:
Dog Show 2

Dog Show

… and Tom thinks he is a Guitar Hero (ca-thunk is NOT a note):
Guitar Hero

Dakota Goes Hunting


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See that little morsel…

Cricket Hunting

Gonna eat it…

Cricket Eating


Dakota Focus On Head

The kids think it’s HILARIOUS to watch the icky lizard eat…


Jamie and Basketball


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Indoor photography without flash SUCKS. Just sayin’

So, I took Jamie to practice and got some photos. They turned out okay. I took like 100 and 25 were good, I kept like 4. Not a great return on my time, but whatever, I had fun playing. So here he is in action :)

Dribbling In Motion

Jamie Gets The Ball

Jamie Celebrates

I also bribed Cassie into doing a few things for me, for the specific purpose of getting these photos :) I think they turned out pretty well for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.

Cassie Haunting (Me Probably)

Little Fingers

And here’s another one of the freaking lizard. It’s still here. It was ticked with me for bugging it during it’s bedtime.

Dakota F5.6
(that one was pretty fun to take, dirty glass, glaring at me reptile with no flash)

Ewwww… there’s a reptile in my house…


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The crabs are small and bury themselves… this thing… it’s a freaking lizard. In my house. It has to stay in Tom’s room. It’s his birthday present. It better not touch me.

Welcome, Dakota… I refuse to so much as buy you a cricket. The kids are all excited and Tom’s trying to figure out how to get the tank into the house while this thing sits on his desk staring at me.

I’ll let Tom give the full scoop, but Dakota is a bearded dragon, about a foot or so long.

Dakota The Bearded Dragon

It’s a freaking lizard.


Surely this grounds for divorce, right? Sigh, but Tom has wanted one for forever and some friends were looking for a new home… and holy crap, they just brought in this things tank… do you KNOW how big 75 gallons is?

I must go murder my husband immediately.