Meet Anton, the newest member of the family!


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The Beauchamp Family is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest addition to our family.

Meet Anton! Anton is nearly 1 year old. We think he’s a schnauzer/dachshund mix. We met him Tuesday of last week and brought him home on Wednesday after a successful meet with our other two dogs. We got him from the Austin Humane Society. It was our first trip there. I must say that it was kind of sad, the volunteers there are great about walking them every two hours, but they stay in the small kennels. I wanted to take them all home, but Anton stole our hearts.

He’s such a little lover, absolutely loves to have his ears scratched, will put his head in your lap and close his eyes like he’s in heaven. He’s VERY attached to Cassie, follows her everywhere, whines at the bathroom door until she comes out, sleeps with her. I can only imagine how much he’s going to miss her during the school day when it’s back in session. He’s already housebroken, uses the doggy door (we weren’t sure if he’d fit, but he goes in and out without too much trouble.

It’s obvious that he had a family before us. He whines at the back door when he needs to go outside (we’re working on redirecting him to the doggy door), he goes NUTS when we go to the front door, wanting to go for a walk and he’s SO well behaved.

Did I mention he’s huge bundle of love? He’s beyond sweet.

Julie and Leo are getting used to him Leo likes that he has a brother to play with. Julie is a little more peeved about it. She didn’t like when we got Leo and she’s severely unimpressed that another dog is in her house. She’s human, apparently, and has no patience for pesky dogs stealing HER belly rubs. She just ignores him openly and hopes he’ll go away. LOL. They are all getting along well. They had a few little disagreements, but nothing too big, no one is biting anyone so that’s good.

Okay, so photos of the new baby…

anton    Leo is showing Anton around his new digs. Julie is ignoring them all.   
Yeah, so the new guy is an escape artist. And Leo loves having someone besides Moody Julie to play with.    Hi. My name is Anton. I know how to sit. I'm a good boy.






Leo needs a new home (serious)


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LeoWe have come to a heartbreaking decision as a family today. Leo has to find a new home. We simply are not equipped to deal with him anymore. I sent out an email and I know there’s a chihuahua rescue group, but I’m hoping someone that has a lot of time can take him and love him like he should be. I want to be sure he’s loved and cared for and won’t be abused or whatever.

I have always believed that you should take responsibility for your pets when you take them in and this is the most responsible thing I can think to do for Leo. He really needs more than we can give him and as much as it upsets the whole family, we aren’t doing him any favors. It’s hurts my heart to say it, but there it is.

This is the email I sent out today – if anyone in Austin wants him, please contact me. I won’t lie, the dog has a lot of issues…


Sorry for any cross postings, I’m hoping to find him a good home here… please let me know if you know of anyone that would be willing to take him in.

I doubt any of you will want him, but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

We have decided to find Leo a new home. I don’t have the time and/or money for the amount of therapy this dog needs. While he no longer pees/poops any time you come near him, he still runs away, he barks when someone even comes within a few feet of him and sometimes can’t seem to stop barking and he is NOT getting this potty training thing. I honestly believe he’s not mentally all there and he really needs someone with a lot of time to work with him. I feel like we are doing him a disservice by continuing to keep him here.

He’s a 9-12 month old reddish brown Chihuahua, male, fixed. VERY good with the kids, not housebroken with trust issues. I think he would do best in a house with at least one or two other dogs, he was quasi-rescue from a puppy mill from what we can tell (house with about 20-30 other dogs) and I think he was basically ignored by the humans, he seems to relate to the kids but any adult, not so much.

I simply have given up hope for him with our family. I say mean things about him, but truly he will be missed. I really thought this was his forever home, but I just cannot give him the love and attention he needs.

Photo at

Again, he’s very sweet with the kids, is up to date on his shots, has been very well cared for… he’s just not right for our family. He understands how to get into and out of a dog door (finally!) and comes running for the cheese wrapper, but that’s really about it. He has NEVER tried to bite anyone and his best friend is our other dog, Julie (not sure how she’s going to take this honestly).

I really would rather not take him to a shelter. He comes with a food/water dish and a few toys. Free to good, loving home – hopefully with someone with a lot of patience.

School starts tomorrow and other randomness


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The teacher walk was Thursday. Our school is so freaking cute. The teachers come and knock on your door and that’s how you find out who you have. (Yes, you could look 2 hours earlier when they post them at the school, but the anticipation is fun). We are happy with both kid’s teachers, of course (thankfully). Cassie will be absolutely fine. I just hope Jamie’s teacher is able to be stern enough with him. She’s really really really nice. Hopefully it’s a facade and she can turn into super-bitch-teacher-from-hell and keep Jamie in line.

This morning, we picked up supplies from the cafeteria (we always buy them from the school) and took them to their classrooms where they got to see where their room is and where they will be sitting. They are excited and ready to go back… I just took a quick pic of them, see how happy?

Kids Day Before School 2009

In other news… Tom got a new grill. He wanted a searing-something-or-other and his old grill, one of the burners went out and whatever, so…

Tom and New Grill

Cassie and 2 of her friends had a sleepover a couple of weeks back because one friend started school early (alternative school), so they had one last hurrah..

Girls Sleepover

Leo thought the popcorn kernals they left all over the floor might be edible so made a rare appearance.


Speaking of the dog, he is driving us all crazy. He barks when anyone walks by the kid’s rooms and doesn’t stop for a while. He runs away from Tom and I (although not as badly now). He’s driving us CRAZY.

And he is stupid. No really, he is, in the words of my friend Elaine, as dumb as a box of rocks. He’s been with us for what? 2 months? He STILL hasn’t figure out how to use the dog door, so Julie will go out and he’ll stand there. I’ll get up to open the door for him and he run away barking and won’t come back until I close the door again. Tom has to get the kids to catch him so we can take him outside (which he likes).

Moronic dog.

The fiercest dog EVER


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Leo is so scary! He protects the kids, we think… any time we even walk by their door, he starts barking up a storm. I came by one day and had my camera, he scampered up the big stuffed animal, up on top of the bed where the kids were and started howling and barking like I was a stranger with an Uzi.

I think this dog is a moron. No really. He hasn’t figured out the pet door, he finally realized that when I say “treat” and drop something on the ground it’s not poison. I don’t remember Julie ever being such idiotic dog.

Leo protecting Cassie's bed

Newest member of the family…


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Saturday night, I got a message from a friend that there was a chihuahua breeder that was being shut down down in San Marcos because of a city ordinance that said she couldn’t raise dogs anymore. I’m not really sure of the whole situation, but basically the rescue group was coming to take what they could on Sunday and the rest would go to animal control on Monday. We’ve had Julie for 2.5 years now and had talked about getting a 2nd chihuahua, but never really sat down and looked up where/when/etc…

So, yeah, Tom jumped in the car Saturday night, drove to San Marcos and checked the place out. He came home with 7 month-old Leonardo Rojo-Boy (Leo for short). He’s pretty nervous, I take it the past week has been rough. The best part is that every time Tom picks him up to take him outside, he pees on Tom. It’s infinitely funny to me for some reason. Leo goes to the vet tomorrow for a check-up and to talk about getting him fixed. We are thinking he’ll be a long-hair too.

In the meantime…

Here he is trying to hide under the edge of the cabinet in the kitchen. He does okay as long as you don’t move or if he can follow Julie around (who has decided that if she ignores him, he will go away).

Leo in kitchen

I guess he then decided to try to blend in among the colors….

Leo blending in

… and here’s Julie looking decidedly annoyed with the whole situation (actually we are glad she seems to be okay with it, they sniffed each other and she stalked off and that was that, we were worried she’d go ape like she does sometimes around other dogs)…

Julie is unimpressed

Jamie’s new pet…


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I woke up Sunday morning to yet another dead gerbil. We seem to have some sort of dead gerbil problem around here. Luckily, Jamie decided he’d had enough of the rodent thing and we decided he’s big enough to get a bird now. We talked to him at length about what he has to do and the responsibility of getting one. We decided to get him a cockatiel. There is a commitment there. You should play with it several times per week, he has to clean the cage and feed it. He knows they can live up to 20 years or so. So he knows what is expected. For our part, we think this is good for Jamie. It’s a pet he can interact with that he’s not allergic to and won’t be a huge threat to Julie (the chihuahua). I’ve owned a cockatiel myself as a kid and I know if he dumps it, I can take it over.

So, we called Zookeeper (which we LOVE) but they don’t do birds, and told us the ONLY place they would recommend getting a bird from is Gallery of Pets. I trust them, so off we went. Oh.My.Goodness. That place is AMAZING. More on that later…

First, we headed out to lunch. I like getting some alone time with Jamie. I worry that sometimes Cassie gets too much. I honestly don’t know how people do it with 4 and 5 kids. So, he was a happy camper.

Snuck away to lunch w my fave boy then to pet store on Twitpic

We then headed to the pet store. I had never noticed this store, but the minute I walked in… I was sold. The place doesn’t smell. Let me say that again… the PET STORE doesn’t smell. We spent several minutes talking to an African Grey that said “here kitty kitty” and “hi cat” and all the other regular bird things… then we headed back to the bird area. Wow. There’s a LOT of birds in this place. We spoke to who was probably one of the owners or related in some way, she was fabulous. She was so nice and took so much time with us, even though there were other people around, they had plenty of staff. She helped Jamie choose one and explained that he didn’t get to take it home right away, they like to make an easier transition, they put them in the cage we buy for a few days with a friend, make sure they are eating okay and all that fun stuff. Jamie gets to go back as often as he likes to visit and bond with the bird (whose name is CoCo).

The best part… Jamie’s face lit up. He is in love with this bird. I think he was sold when it climbed up his arm on the back of his shoulder/head and spent time preening the hair on the back of his head. *laugh* So, yeah, he got a bird… and he has talked about NOTHING since then. He’s really excited he gets to visit too :)

Jamie with CoCo on Twitpic

For myself, I’d love to get a large bird, a cockatoo or an African grey, but wow… birds are expensive, so not right now… maybe when the kids finally leave :)

Julie DAWG…


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I have no idea, but I call her that Julie DAWG. Anyway, I was playing with my camera and the kids wanted me to take video of the dog. So we did. And here it is.

Yes, I typically do whatever they say. They are mean.

When Dakota Met Marie…


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Marie is apparently pretty special… Uncle Tom doesn’t let just anyone hold his ugly ass lizard bearded dragon.

You notice Julie in the corner of this first one? I bet she’s thinking “rub my belly” – why? Because that’s ALL Julie thinks about – where her next fix belly rub will come from.

When Marie Met Dakota

When Dakota Met Marie

We killed 2 rodents in one day… sad…


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The middle of last month, we got the kids pets. Jamie got a hamster. Cassie got a gerbil. All was well with the world.

Sigh… yesterday afternoon I was out shopping and Tom sent me a note that Dark Blood (the hamster) was dead. Jamie was upset, but doing okay, he wanted a new one. Jamie is pretty laid back, so I picked him up and we went to get a gerbil. Rojo (“red” in Spanish because he has red eyes). We went to the pool and came back and Cassie’s gerbil was looking pretty bad. It died a few hours later. The only thing we can figure is the food was bad or something? Maybe the water? I can’t find anything that says tap water is bad. We are using whatever bedding they told us to. It’s not green or anything weird.

Cassie took it really hard. She had Tom and I both tearing up. Worse, it was too late to go get a new one, the stores were closed. She kept asking to paint, so I let her. She kept losing it when she was painting and told me she was painting a picture of Fuzzy Wuzzy. Of course, I didn’t really hold it together well either.

Sigh, she’s so upset. We let her call the shots. She wants to sleep in the living room, fine. With me? fine.

Here’s a picture of her painting, my cell phone because I didn’t want to interrupt her private moment of reflection. Poor kid.

Cassie painting a pic of Fuzzy Wuzzy the gerbil. RIP.

I swear we fed them. I swear I didn’t buy the cat. We have no idea what happened, but it certainly is weird. They weren’t in the same cage, heck, or even the same room. We are very confused. I hope to post an update tomorrow with at least pictures of the our newest victims.

Last night was bad bad bad bad. It took me nearly 2 hours and a small dose of Benedryl to get her to sleep (yes, I gave her drugs, she was really really upset). She wanted to talk about Fuzzy, she wanted to cry, she wanted to know what happened. OMG. I felt so bad for her. Poor little thing.

I’ve also decided that this mom stuff is hard. You’d think it’d get easier after the diapers, but it just didn’t. Tom and I decided to get rid of Fuzzy’s body before we told Cassie. Cassie was upset about that because she didn’t get to see him for the last time. Dammit. I suck.


Meet Fru-Fru… errr Dark Blood


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I’m thinking Jamie used to beat small children in a former life or something. It’s the only thing that explains why this child has the worst luck. So, Cassie got a rat that is pretty active and social and well, doesn’t bite.

Jamie got… well… he got Fru-Fru. Fru-Fru was a black hamster that looked nice enough in the pet store.

Then we brought it home.

Jamie stuck his hand in there to put it into it’s house mansion and it bit him. Yeah, now it’s name is Dark Blood. Nice.

We are, of course, hoping it was just upset and confused and scared. Me? IT IS A RAT. IN MY HOUSE. I NOW HAVE A LIZARD AND RATS LIVING IN MY HOUSE! DO YOU HEAR ME? THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!

*breathe breathe breathe*

My point? It won’t bite me because I’m NOT touching it and if it gets out, I’m getting a cat. Or borrowing one. Or something. Whatever.

So, here’s Dark Blood and his house mansion. I also got a shot of him through the bars eating. Yes, I could have opened the door, but he was too close for comfort and… yeah, that’s not happening.

Dark Blood (Formerly Known As Fru-Fru) - Jamies New Hamster

Dark Bloods Mansion

Dark Blood Eating Corn - Looking Through the Cage Bars

He even looks like a menacing little shit, doesn’t he?