Tom & Candy’s 20th Wedding Anniversary


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On March 3, 1993, I got married to the true love of my life. We’ve been through a lot together – good, bad, better, worse. We’ve support each other through job and career changes, businesses starting and closing and many other things in between. We have two amazing (mostly) well-adjusted children. We are lucky to have each other and we know it. But, we work really hard at it too, it’s not all roses and lollipops, and we always make sure to take time for ourselves (both separately and together). We respect each other and truly feel that we’re soul mates.

Okay, mushiness aside… after losing all this weight I wanted to have some fun. We could have done some big romantic trip or something, but we really just wanted to spend some time having some real fun together. My sister (thanks, Marcy!) also wanted to come visit and have some fun auntie alone time with the kids. Talk about good timing! She flew out for a week to hang out with us and the kiddos and Tom and I jumped in the car and headed to San Antonio. We walked all over the Riverwalk and went to Six Flags, where we rode every roller coaster we could. We had an amazing few days and we had an awful lot of fun together, being silly and just being together in one of our favorite get away places.

On the Riverwalk, we took a boat tour, which was fun and it was great to get to ride around and learn a little more about the area. We stayed in the beautiful Drury Inn right on the Riverwalk and in my favorite area of it. We ate, drank, walked and had a fabulous time. At Six Flags, we rode Boomerang six times in a row, made sure we got the first car on Goliath and rode Poltergeist entirely too many times *laughing* I’d never really ridden roller coasters before this year and it was amazing for me to be able to do it!

And some photos (of course!)

Six Flags 20th Anniversary Trip
(Yes, we got to meet Taz!)

Six Flags 20th Anniversary Trip 4

(On the boat tour)

Six Flags 20th Anniversary Trip 2

(In line at Boomerang)

Six Flags 20th Anniversary Trip 3

(I don’t remember where we were in line at LOL)

I was also able to meet two online friends of mine from California that just happened to be staying at the Riverwalk at the same time! We met for dinner one night and ice cream the next (LOL, of course – we’re all weight loss folks – LOL!)

San Antonio Meeting Fun (1)
(Yes, that’s one lucky guy in the middle of two hot chicks!)

Here’s to 20 fabulous years and many many more. Thanks for being my partner in this crazy journey we call life, babe!

And here’s our photo from our wedding – yes, I did that on purpose to my hair. LOL!

Gosh, we look SO young!

Merry Christmas and year-in-review


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Wow, 2012 is quickly ending and today is Christmas Eve already! Above is our holiday card this year (yes, we really are dorks). I was sitting here thinking about this year and all the amazing changes and adventures we have had.

The whole family had an amazing time in Disney over the Summer. I think that will, likely, be the highlight of 2012, for sure. It was also interesting to watch the family change over the past year, we’ve completely changed our eating habits and what we choose to do. We’re all healthier and happier, for sure.

Cassie is now in 4th grade and doing amazing, of course. She carries all As and still has never had to move her clip (I’m seriously going to find out next year if they have a perfect behavior award and if they don’t, I’m making the principal make one up for her LOL). She’s a Daddy’s girl for sure. She can get Tom to do almost anything for her if she asks sweet enough. She has been doing an amazing job with her violin lessons and she loves her computer games and plays Minecraft a lot with her friends. She’s turning into such an amazing young lady right before our eyes. We are so proud of her and know she’s going to do amazing things in 2013.

Jamie is in 6th grade. Yeah. Middle School. He’s actually doing really well, all As and Bs. He is in the band and is loving playing his clarinet. He’s taught himself to play several extra songs on his own and we’re so proud of him. He’s a Momma’s boy and is always ready with a hug and kiss for just about anyone. He’s every bit of a pre-teen, though. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how he evolves over the next few years. Jamie is one of the most empathic people I know, he feels your pain and wants to do whatever he can to make you feel better. I’m constantly amazed by him and how much he cares for his friends and family.

Tom turned the big 4-0 this year. So, he’s an old dude now. He’s still working as a teacher (math interventionist) and loving it. It took him a little longer to figure out what he wanted to do when he grew up, but he’s definitely found the right path. He’s happier than he’s ever been and I’m proud to call him my hubby. (But seriously, you could not pay me enough to work with a room full of elementary – or any – children, I would go insane). He still loves to cook and is the comic relief for Cassie and I (who are known to take things too serious sometimes).

For me, this year has been kind of a whirlwind. The emergency neck fusion surgery really messed up my life for a few months, recovery kind of sucked. I, of course, reached my goal weight – losing 200 pounds – and decided to lose a little more. I figure I’ll know when I’m done. I’m still running OffAssist and still trucking along very well. I started playing violin, myself, and am having a great time learning – and spending time with Cassie (who is helping to teach me along with our instructor).

So, 2012 is nearly gone and onward we go…

Happy Holidays!

Happy 11th Birthday, Jamie


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Today, my baby boy turns 11. I guess I need to stop calling him baby boy, but what he fails to realize is that he will always be my baby. I look
at him now and can hardly believe that this photo is the same human being. He’s grown up to be such an amazing kid with a heart of gold and a ready hug. He’s sensitive, gentle, loving and caring of others. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s sarcastic. He loves to laugh and make others laugh with him.IMAG0259.jpg

Jamie seems to innately know when someone is feeling down and will clown around to cheer them up – or give one of his amazing hugs to make them feel better. His smile radiates through his face and his laugh is infectious. He loves computer games, yes, but he also loves playing board games and playing outside with friends.

This year, he had a couple of friends over for a sleepover this weekend and tonight we will take him to the Melting Pot for his birthday celebration dinner. I cannot wait to hear his antics over dinner. He’s always got something funny to tell us about and make us laugh.

A big big big Happy Birthday to my “little” guy. We love you, Jamie!

Random February Update


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Thanksgiving 2010 Outdoor (7)I know I’ve not done a real good job the past few months about updating, it’s been a pretty crazy time in our lives. Jamie’s now 10 and Cassie turns 8 very soon. I swear, I must have blinked. I feel so lucky to have two wonderful kids that get along with each other and us. It’s honestly a little weird sometimes how well they do together. I keep waiting for major wars to break out, but so far… so good (knocking on wood furiously).

So, let’s see… Jamie turned 10 (when did this happen?!?!) October 17th. He’s such a wonderful young man that I’m proud to be his mother. He’s very empathetic towards everyone he meets, just an amazing boy. A few months ago, we took him to be evaluated and, while I wasn’t completely on board, he has Inattentive ADHD (the difference is that he really doesn’t have the hyper part, just the inability to focus). He’s been on medication for two months now and (again) I wasn’t completely on board until his teacher grabbed me during a school event last month and told me that she has seen such an amazing real change in him and how he’s able to finish his work on time, get his math worksheets done and she’s not constantly having to keep in on task. We’ve noticed some changes here at home too. He doesn’t take it on the weekends or days off from school. It’s really to help focus during class. He brought it up yesterday, actually, and said that he likes that he’s not in trouble so much for not doing his work and he doesn’t feel like his brain is “crazy” (whatever that means). I know it’s the right decision, but it still bugs me a little. I still think ADHD is over-diagnosed. So, I suppose I’m still leery overall, but it’s made a BIG difference for him. Contradiction, much?

We spent Christmas in South Carolina again. I love spending the holidays with my mom and sisters. I think next year we might stay home though. It’s a trek and really wore us all out. We drive (yes, 1250 miles one way) and we take the dogs (Leo cannot really handle being boarded) so it’s kind of crazy.

Cassie. Oh, Cassie. Cassie turns 8 this week. Cassie is a bright and lovely young lady. She’s very responsible and likes to keep people on point. She likes to snuggle up as much as she likes her independence. She made it into Robotics (see my previous post – LOL) and is having a great time. She’s also doing REALLY well with violin lessons. Something clicked for her a couple of months ago and she’s finally getting the rhythm parts and a few pieces are actually really pretty sounding. She’s an amazing student, but works hard to achieve her goals in school. She’s so serious sometimes that I feel like I have to remind her to have some fun too. Perhaps responsible was an understatement. Militant might be more accurate. *laughing*

Our biggest news lately is that Tom got a job! He’s teaching 5th grade and loving it! It’s hard work, but he has great students and is enjoying following his dream. It’s been nice to have group insurance and a FSA again too, I won’t lie. It’s been a big adjustment for us both. I’ve had to do all the daily running around while trying to keep my neck above water in my business, but we’re making it through pretty well.

Me? I’m doing okay. I’m finally getting the allergy testing (and hopefully shots) I’ve been wanting to do for many years. Living in Austin is rough, I have allergy issues 10 months or so out of the year and I’m hoping this will help a little. I just need something to help me get it under control and livable. This year was really bad during cedar season. Otherwise, it’s been pretty much the same old same old.

I promise to make more of an effort here. I tend to update on Facebook more often, but I know this is more permanent so I’ll try harder :)

Cassie’s Birthday – she’s SEVEN now!


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On February 11th, Cassie turned 7. Yeah, I know! She was JUST born, I’m pretty sure! She insisted on a Bakugan party with bakugan cakes (thank goodness for Tom, I was so in over my head!), her best girl friends, and a sleepover afterwards with pizza and snacks. So speaketh the princess, it shall be done :)

Tom rocked, the cakes turned out fabulous (although I kept making boob comments cuz I’m 12). He copies the designs from 2 of Cassie’s favorite bakugan ball things.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (6)
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (8)

Here’s the party crew checking out the cakes
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (10)

Cassie, of course, blew out the candles
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (13)

She opened gifts
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (18)

The all posed for a silly picture
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (27)

I kinda got told to go away during the sleepover. Oops.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (28)

… and Daddy made pink heart-shaped waffles for breakfast the next morning. Yes, he is awesome.
Cassie's 7th Birthday 2010 (30)

Valentine’s Day at School


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What year would be complete without a Valentine’s Day party at school. I must admit that the room mom’s for Cassie’s class is way better than I’ll ever hope to be. They had these little laundry bag looking things strung up on a laundry line so the kids could hand out their treats easily. Very cute! Tom got to play favorite substitute and call out the Bingo stuff for Jamie’s class? I hid in a corner and took photos, looking at my watching, wondering when it would be over.

Jamie’s Class
School Valentine's Day Party 2010 (1)
School Valentine's Day Party 2010

Cassie’s Class (that’s one her BFFs)
School Valentine's Day Party 2010 (6)
School Valentine's Day Party 2010 (3)

SC Aquarium & The Cows – yeah, random


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Here’s a photo of my sis and the kids, hanging at the aquarium in SC
SC Aquarium

And one of the cows at the arboretum. Heh. Just cuz.
0107 114

Xmas Day 2009


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We spent Christmas 2009 in South Carolina with my mom and sisters. I know I’m behind (always get backed up during tax time), but I thought I’d share some of the highlights from Christmas Day, actually just two because they’re funny. You can visit my flickr page if you want to see more.

Watching Tom try to make the Xbox 360 work on mom’s TV was HILARIOUS. We did bring all the right parts, but he couldn’t get it to turn on. I think he came close to just throwing the whole thing out the front door.
SC Xmas 2009 (4)

Even more funny was watching Marcy try to figure out how the heck to make Penbo (the peguin robot) do what Cassie wanted it to do. I think they are trying to make her give up her egg here.
SC Xmas 2009 (13)

Neighborhood Xmas 2009


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Yes, I’m a bit behind. One of the many things I love about our neighborhood is that they hold pretty good community activities. Really fun and always a good time. If you live in Anderson Mill or around us, check out the Limited District website at

Anyway, the holiday party is always a lot of fun, fishing, bean toss, etc for little prizes, there’s usually free food, face painting, crafts, sack races… and Santa goes around in a classic old firetruck throwing candy through the streets. Yes, I’m serious. It’s a lot of fun. We, of course, went, had a great time and came back with photos.

Fishin’ for prizes
Neighborhood Xmas 2009

Cassie and the girl next door are very serious about their crafts
Neighborhood Xmas 2009 (13)

I had to convince Jamie to do it, but he loved the sack race!
Neighborhood Xmas 2009 (5)

What party would be complete without face painting?
Neighborhood Xmas 2009 (8)

Heard from the… lunch table


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SC Xmas 2009 (16)Tom was sitting with the kids while they finished up lunch and they asked about Passover and different religious things and asked what Easter was all about for those who went to church. (For us, it’s a chance to give our kids lots of candy via a rabbit).

Tom explained that the Christians believe that on Easter, Jesus rose from the dead and etc etc. He thought it was going pretty well until…

Jamie looked at him and said, “Dad, that’s nasty, so he’s like a zombie, right?”

LOL LOL. I swear, we didn’t say anything around him, but I always proclaim today to be Happy Zombie Day.

Awesome, as if the religious family members don’t already think we’re weird enough. And zombies are really big at school now. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.