Heard from the classroom: Bookkeepers


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Those of you on Facebook or that know me in real life know that two weeks ago, we took Cassie out of her brick and mortar public school and put her into an online public charter school. Luckily, it’s mostly self-guided so she just needs me to help when she has questions or if she needs me to check her answers. It’s been pretty easy, especially when I realized this week that if I go through the night before and take out everything she needs the next day, she spends less time looking for random stuff on the shelves.

working awayWe plan to put her back into brick & mortar next year when she starts middle school. This opportunity came up for her and we took it for several reasons, but mostly because she wanted it. This is the end of week 2 and she’s been doing great, progressing quickly. We’re developing a routine, I’m making sure she gets plenty of social interaction with other kids. We have a schedule, rules, consequences, etc. Ask me again in 3 months, but right now, I think this will work out fine for this year.

One of the BIG rules we have is that if one of us is working on something we “raise our hand” by sending a message through Skype. That way, I know she needs my attention when I’m done and don’t get sucked into something when I’m working on a project until I’m to a good stopping point – the same with her if she’s working on a project or concentrating on something. It actually works out well.

This also means that I have a ride along every day when I make my post office run. She comes in sometimes and other times she sits in the car. Today, we came home and I had a couple of checks that I decided to just remote deposit instead of going out to the bank again. The best light is on my stove to take photos of checks for the software with my phone. So, I take them over there and lay them on the bag on the stove and snap photos and upload them. Cassie asks me what I’m doing and I tell her. She’s not used to me being anywhere near the stove. Tom cooks (and with good reason!).

I walk away and come back to this on my Skype chat with her:

Why does the bookkeeper not cook well?
Because she cooks checks!

This is funny, right? I haven’t completely gone off the deep end at this point… laugh, dammit.

Of Backseats, shots and cameras


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20130724_103552We took Cassie for her first allergy shot this morning. She’s spent the past week kind of angry with me because she does NOT like shots. Oh well, I will somehow survive. But she was a total champ. A few tears, but no meltdowns. Win!

She and I are taking a cake ball making class with friends tonight. Tom and I kept saying “balls” and giggling, because, ya know, we’re 12. When we hear her pipe up from the backseat, “If I knew raising parents would be this much trouble, I wouldn’t have bothered.”

LOL. Smart alleck.

Oh, and she hates taking photos right now, so this is what you got.

Heard From The Morning Routine: Bones and Christmas


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Tom and I are smart asses. It’s really no surprise we’re raising two smart asses, eh?

I have a morning routine. I get up, get dressed and go into Jamie’s room to put my socks on (his room is always snuggly warm and I can coax him to actually get up). Cassie sometimes comes in and gives me a hug and we talk about the day, etc.

So, this morning, I’m sitting on Jamie’s bed, putting on my socks and in walks Cassie. She lays down across my lap (cuz I have a lap now) and snuggles up against my neck and hugs me. She was being all sweet until she sits up, looks at me, and says, “Mom, you’re not as comfortable to snuggle because your bones stick me”. I asked where and she said “on your neck.” LOL. Stinker. I pointed out they are called collar bones and she had them too.

A few minutes later, Jamie, decides that we should open Christmas presents early this year… because the world is ending on 12/21 anyway. Too bad I told him I already had a plan for that situation. We’re just going to return all the gifts and go to Vegas on the 20th. We’ll leave them home alone. Cops will be too busy with all that Mayan stuff anyway.

Photos: Cassie getting her award for participating in the robotics competition and Jamie after his very first holiday band concert. The kids, they are growing up.

Cassie’s Insomnia and Heard From the Kid’s Room: Needs vs Wants


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Disney 2012 Mobile PhotosOne of the things that they teach the kids in school is about needs vs wants. For instance, food is a need and a video game is a want. This is a big unit that they work on in 1st or 2nd grade. Cassie has been having MAJOR sleeping issues for the past month. We broke down yesterday and took her to the doctor who gave me about 30 ideas, 28 of which I had already tried. But we decided to go back to basics. One bottle of water with her, white noise machine is on, darkened room, chapstick on once. Usually none of this is an issue, but for some reason last night it was. I think she was anxious because the doctor ordered a blood draw (more on that in a minute).

Anyway, so the screaming started. “I’m not tired. I can’t sleep. It’s not fair. No one likes me. You’re mean. I need more water. I’m just thirsty. I just want more water….”

“The school says that water is a need and not a want!!! You’re mean and it’s not fair!!!!!”

Yeah. We cracked up. I ended up going in there and telling her to knock it off, it wasn’t fair to the rest of the house and I didn’t want to hear another word or she was grounded. She could read or whatever she wanted, just no screens. So, this morning all 3 of us had elaborately drawn apology letters. Sigh. No idea how long she was awake, but she apparently had time for that – and she said she woke up at 4 and drank more water.

So, we got up early this morning and headed to the place for the blood draw. She actually was a real trooper, I thought it was going to be a HUGE problem, but she held up really well. I was proud of her. Usually if someone gives her a shot or anything else, I have to dig her out of the dark corner of the examining table or it takes 3 or 4 of us to hold her down. She managed to sit on my lap, sob quietly, and it was over in like 45 seconds. Who knows if the blood draw will actually show anything. I don’t know if this is a rut we can’t get out of or what is going on, but I’m completely and utterly exhausted.

I’m sure everyone will respond again with 900 different ideas. Trust me, we have tried just about everything under the sun (my friend is getting samples of essential oils to me today so we can try that – LOL). We don’t think she’s worried about anything in particular. We can’t pin anything down. So, onward we go until we figure it out or I go insane from lack of sleep myself.

This is the letter she wrote me at who knows what time last night. It says

“To: Mommy, From: Cassie”
“Sorry for last night! I made these in my time cuz you said no screen so I wrote alpgies. I am veyr sorry about last night. I am very so please accept my alploze. PS I am using my best handwriting”


I’m obviously near the end of my rope here.

Heard from the Sleepover: The Politician


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It’s Spring Break around here. Which means the teacher husband, the work at home mom and the two Elementary kids are ALL home ALL the time. Add in a technological melt down at the mom’s office and it’s pretty crazy. The kids are basically given free reign as long as they stay out of the way and the parents are surviving on humor and coffee.

There’s a friend over, which means they all want to sleep in the same room. There’s been a LOT of giggling this week as the kids float around with sleepovers and playdates and whatever else there is going on. It’s midnight and I hear an argument between Jamie and Cassie erupt. One of those that is probably minor but loud. The friend (J) is not involved, but is cowering on the bed like “seriously, people, I’m an only child, WHAT is the deal?” I walk in, where they both try to tell me the various transgressions…

Me: “Wait, I don’t care. Jamie, apologize to Cassie.”
Jamie: “Sorry, Cassie.”
Me: “Cassie, apologize to Jamie.”
Cassie: “I didn’t do anything!”
Me: “….” (the look)
Cassie: “Sorry, Jamie” (only a little grudgingly)
Me: “Now, Cassie apologize to J”
Cassie: “I didn’t do anything to her.”
Me: “I said…”
Cassie: “Fine, whatever. Sorry, J”
Me: “Jamie… apologize to J”
Jamie: “I’m sorry, J, for fighting with Cassie over nothing while you were here.”
Me: “Oh, that was a good one.”
Jamie: “Yeah, I know” (fist bump)
Me: “Cassie, apologize to me, please.”
Casssie: “But I…”….. “okay, sorry!!!”
Me: *sigh* “Jamie…”
Jamie: “Yeah, mom, I’m really sorry that we were arguing and interrupted your work and you had to come in here to do this.”
Me: “Oh crap… you are getting good at this.”
Tom: *laughing nearly hysterically*
Me: “Yeah, we have a politician on our hands here”

Best. Answer. EVER.


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So those that know my girl, Cassie, know that she’s one of the sweetest and most conscientious kids out there (oh and she can totally suck up as needed too).

She came home last week with this (notice her answer to #25):

Best Answer Ever

I’m not sure if I’m more amused by the answer she gave or the fact that her teacher gave her full credit. That rocks.

Then, I must wonder… did she do this because she didn’t know the answer and wanted to suck up enough so maybe the teacher WOULD give her full credit? Not that I think she’d do that (no, not that sweet innocent little angel of a girl)…

Anyway… enjoy! I laughed and made her cry. I wasn’t laughing at her answer (well, I kinda was… that mom of the year award continues to elude me!)

Heard from the kitchen…


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IMAG0259.jpgThe kids come stalking into the kitchen just now, both with super determined looks on their faces.

Oh boy. This will be fun.

Cassie: “Jamie bonked me on the head for no reason.”

Jamie: “I bonked you on the head for a reason, you weren’t listening!”

I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing…

At least he didn’t deny it, right?

Heard From The Bedroom… Sex!


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Okay, so the title was to get your attention…

Cassie hasn’t really asked about sex or anything like that and we decided it was time (more on that in a minute) to fill her in a little bit before the kids at school told her god-knows-what. After her shower, I sat down with her in my bedroom and asked her if she had ever heard the word “sex” before. She said yes and I asked her if she knew what it meant. She proudly told me “It means love.” Awwwww… ya know, I think that’s the most apt description I’ve ever heard.

So, anyway, the big reason I brought it up to her is because she hadn’t asked and I knew we needed to have that talk soon. But also because Tom is scheduled to have a vasectomy this week. Can I just say, “Yay!” Our kids are 8 and 10. We’ve been married for 18 years. Everyone in this house can wipe their own butts and buckle their own seat belts. We’re done with the baby-making part of our lives and I’m looking forward to not having to deal with any accidents, quite frankly.

So, yeah, we haven’t told the kids about that yet, but I figured it would be easier to explain why Dad has an ice pack on his crotch later if I addressed it now.

One more funny… when the doctor asked if Tom was doing this for himself or his wife or what the deal was, Tom said that he was doing it for “us”.  I think that’s probably the most apt description I’ve heard too.

Snippy-Snip, baby!

PS – before anyone can tell me I’m oversharing more than I should, I asked permission before posting this news ;)

Heard from the front seat


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Fall 2010Tom and I were driving home tonight from a night out with friends and I was telling him I kinda hoped he didn’t get a substitute teaching job on Friday so he could go to the kid’s holiday parties at school. It’s just not my thing. He said, “Oh, I love it, the kids have so much fun and it’s a great time.” I replied, “Yeah, but there’s a lot of them. And they all want candy.”

I think he thinks I’m kidding… dude, they are all hopped up and entirely too loud. I love kids. I love my kids. I even like most of my friend’s kids. But 15 stranger’s kids… oy.

Heard from the… family snuggle time…


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At this great little playground near Ikea. Had which wich for... on TwitpicWe were snugging Sunday morning, Cassie and I. She was being a sweet and giving me tons of kisses and hugs.I really love weekend mornings, the kids are relaxed and always ready with hugs and kisses. It’s also when I know they will talk to me more than just a mumble here and there. But usually it’s about getting as many hugs and kisses as I can out of them. I figure they are still young and sweet and eventually they won’t want to share the love (well, not with me anyway… eep!)

The conversation went like this:

Me: Will you always have kisses for me?
Cassie: Yes, always
Me: How about when you’re 10?
Cassie: Of course
Me: How about when you’re 13?
Cassie: Yes, Mom!
Me: How about when you’re 15?
Cassie: I can’t make no promises about that.

Sigh. Yeah. That’s what I thought.