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Those of you on Facebook or that know me in real life know that two weeks ago, we took Cassie out of her brick and mortar public school and put her into an online public charter school. Luckily, it’s mostly self-guided so she just needs me to help when she has questions or if she needs me to check her answers. It’s been pretty easy, especially when I realized this week that if I go through the night before and take out everything she needs the next day, she spends less time looking for random stuff on the shelves.

working awayWe plan to put her back into brick & mortar next year when she starts middle school. This opportunity came up for her and we took it for several reasons, but mostly because she wanted it. This is the end of week 2 and she’s been doing great, progressing quickly. We’re developing a routine, I’m making sure she gets plenty of social interaction with other kids. We have a schedule, rules, consequences, etc. Ask me again in 3 months, but right now, I think this will work out fine for this year.

One of the BIG rules we have is that if one of us is working on something we “raise our hand” by sending a message through Skype. That way, I know she needs my attention when I’m done and don’t get sucked into something when I’m working on a project until I’m to a good stopping point – the same with her if she’s working on a project or concentrating on something. It actually works out well.

This also means that I have a ride along every day when I make my post office run. She comes in sometimes and other times she sits in the car. Today, we came home and I had a couple of checks that I decided to just remote deposit instead of going out to the bank again. The best light is on my stove to take photos of checks for the software with my phone. So, I take them over there and lay them on the bag on the stove and snap photos and upload them. Cassie asks me what I’m doing and I tell her. She’s not used to me being anywhere near the stove. Tom cooks (and with good reason!).

I walk away and come back to this on my Skype chat with her:

Why does the bookkeeper not cook well?
Because she cooks checks!

This is funny, right? I haven’t completely gone off the deep end at this point… laugh, dammit.

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That’s not funny….that’s freaking HILARIOUS! :)

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