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Posted by Tom | Posted in Misc | Posted on 15-07-2013

So last week I may have won an award for Meanest Dad Ever. Jamie has clarinet lessons once a week over the summer. It takes 5 minutes to get to the lesson, 30 minute lesson, 5 minutes to get back. Less than an hour out of his week. Of course, for me it is more like: put up with an hour of whining the night before when I remind him of the lesson. An hour of whining in the morning when I remind him. The whole hour before the lesson I give him reminders every 5 minutes that we will be going in (insert however many minutes here).

You would think he would be ready to go. No…such…luck.

When I say it is time to go, he says,”I can’t find my shoes.” Seriously? We immediately find ONE tennis shoe. I tear through his room looking for the other, no luck. “Ok, Jamie. What about your crocs?” He immediately finds…..ONE of them. I am about 2 seconds from losing it, and we are already late. Then it hits me: “Jamie, what foot is the croc you found for?”

Yes, I made my son go to clarinet lessons with one plain white croc, and one electric blue sneaker. The funny part: his clarinet teacher took it totally in stride: “Jamie, I think this is a bit outside of the box even for you!”

In all:

1.) Jamie learned that I really don’t care how he is dressed as long as he is dressed.

2.) We got to see a more jovial side of his clarinet teacher.

3.) It ended up being a great day all around!

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Ahhhh… yup, that’s Jamie. The boy is borderline clueless. What I do love is that I doubt he cared. He’s such a cool “whatever” kid about stuff like that.

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