Meet Anton, the newest member of the family!


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The Beauchamp Family is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest addition to our family.

Meet Anton! Anton is nearly 1 year old. We think he’s a schnauzer/dachshund mix. We met him Tuesday of last week and brought him home on Wednesday after a successful meet with our other two dogs. We got him from the Austin Humane Society. It was our first trip there. I must say that it was kind of sad, the volunteers there are great about walking them every two hours, but they stay in the small kennels. I wanted to take them all home, but Anton stole our hearts.

He’s such a little lover, absolutely loves to have his ears scratched, will put his head in your lap and close his eyes like he’s in heaven. He’s VERY attached to Cassie, follows her everywhere, whines at the bathroom door until she comes out, sleeps with her. I can only imagine how much he’s going to miss her during the school day when it’s back in session. He’s already housebroken, uses the doggy door (we weren’t sure if he’d fit, but he goes in and out without too much trouble.

It’s obvious that he had a family before us. He whines at the back door when he needs to go outside (we’re working on redirecting him to the doggy door), he goes NUTS when we go to the front door, wanting to go for a walk and he’s SO well behaved.

Did I mention he’s huge bundle of love? He’s beyond sweet.

Julie and Leo are getting used to him Leo likes that he has a brother to play with. Julie is a little more peeved about it. She didn’t like when we got Leo and she’s severely unimpressed that another dog is in her house. She’s human, apparently, and has no patience for pesky dogs stealing HER belly rubs. She just ignores him openly and hopes he’ll go away. LOL. They are all getting along well. They had a few little disagreements, but nothing too big, no one is biting anyone so that’s good.

Okay, so photos of the new baby…

anton    Leo is showing Anton around his new digs. Julie is ignoring them all.   
Yeah, so the new guy is an escape artist. And Leo loves having someone besides Moody Julie to play with.    Hi. My name is Anton. I know how to sit. I'm a good boy.






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