Cassie’s room remodel


Posted by Candy | Posted in Home and Garden | Posted on 21-06-2013

I hate carpet. No. I DETEST it. It’s never clean, holds dust and… yeah. I also hate popcorn ceilings with a vengeance as well. We aren’t rich. Enter… DIY Tom! HOLY moly. For less than $600, he did this transformation. Yes, we had to compromise on a few things and not get “top of the line” but we made sure got decent quality and I think it looks completely amazing. Seriously, it turned out soooo good.

Cassie picked out everything from the paint to the flooring to the colors to the design. It’s the perfect room for her. I don’t have good “before” photos, but I did snap one as we were taking up the carpet… enjoy! Just a quick photo blog…

What did YOU do on your Friday night?   Yay! It's coming down pretty easily, we scraped off popcorn tips, sprayed with water and fabric softener. Go us! Not much dust because of misting.      That's my girl... Power tools FTW! 


Back to work, paint minions! Earn that pizza!   The metallic stripe turned out great! Next up is the floor and touch ups.   Tom has done an amazing job. The floor looks so great. Gotta finish the closet and get the quarter round down. Hoping Cassie can move back in on Monday.  

Progress....   ... And the finished door, all designed by Cassie. So cute for a 10 year old's room! Perfect for her and her personality!

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