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Those of you that know me best know that second only to my family, I value my relationship with my close friends the most. I’m lucky to have a core group of friends that have come to mean so much to me. They’ve been there with me to celebrate the most victorious moments of my life and they’ve been there to hold me up when I’ve been at my lowest moments. They keep me grounded. They renew my spirit. They keep me sane.

We’ve become so close that over 5 years ago, in October of 2006, we started a bookclub just so we’d be sure that we saw each other at least every month. And we do. A few have had had to drop out over the years, some are able to come back, some aren’t. But we all know that we share not only a love of reading and love of each other, but a friendship that has withstood through good times, bad times, children being born, children going through phases, illnesses, family insanity, etc etc. No matter what, my girlfriends are there for me. And that… that, my friends, is the true definition of friendship.

I’ve learned much from my group of friends. I’ve learned that if get enough of us together someone,¬†inexplicably, will end up screaming “It’s a penis!”. I’ve learned that I am, sadly, not a perfect parent and that I’m not alone. I’ve learned that the Mother of the Year trophy really does get passed along and circles right back to you. I’ve learned that if one of them says “duck” you do it and ask why later. I’ve learned that I’m pretty good Mother and Wife and Friend. I’ve learned that being my true self is really who people want to see. I’ve learned that ¬†true friends might pass you by but always come back to cross the finish line with you. I’ve learned that… I’ve learned that my life is so much richer with them there.

So, this holiday season, I just want my friends to know… I love you guys. Thank you for being there. We may not talk about the book every month, but I always leave feeling like I’ve been embraced in the world’s biggest hug.

(And a special shout out to the two who aren’t in the photo below — and to our significant others who once or twice per year allow the hen party to go pecking around their house, and deal with the kids while the approximately twelve cackling coven members laugh loud enough to cause the neighbors to come knockin’) XOXO


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