Best. Answer. EVER.


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So those that know my girl, Cassie, know that she’s one of the sweetest and most conscientious kids out there (oh and she can totally suck up as needed too).

She came home last week with this (notice her answer to #25):

Best Answer Ever

I’m not sure if I’m more amused by the answer she gave or the fact that her teacher gave her full credit. That rocks.

Then, I must wonder… did she do this because she didn’t know the answer and wanted to suck up enough so maybe the teacher WOULD give her full credit? Not that I think she’d do that (no, not that sweet innocent little angel of a girl)…

Anyway… enjoy! I laughed and made her cry. I wasn’t laughing at her answer (well, I kinda was… that mom of the year award continues to elude me!)

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It even got a smiley from the teacher! You’d better put that one in the keepsake file.
Crystal (crredwards)´s last [type] ..Alignment Check

Are you kidding? I hung it up on the wall. LOL

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