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Okay, so the title was to get your attention…

Cassie hasn’t really asked about sex or anything like that and we decided it was time (more on that in a minute) to fill her in a little bit before the kids at school told her god-knows-what. After her shower, I sat down with her in my bedroom and asked her if she had ever heard the word “sex” before. She said yes and I asked her if she knew what it meant. She proudly told me “It means love.” Awwwww… ya know, I think that’s the most apt description I’ve ever heard.

So, anyway, the big reason I brought it up to her is because she hadn’t asked and I knew we needed to have that talk soon. But also because Tom is scheduled to have a vasectomy this week. Can I just say, “Yay!” Our kids are 8 and 10. We’ve been married for 18 years. Everyone in this house can wipe their own butts and buckle their own seat belts. We’re done with the baby-making part of our lives and I’m looking forward to not having to deal with any accidents, quite frankly.

So, yeah, we haven’t told the kids about that yet, but I figured it would be easier to explain why Dad has an ice pack on his crotch later if I addressed it now.

One more funny… when the doctor asked if Tom was doing this for himself or his wife or what the deal was, Tom said that he was doing it for “us”.  I think that’s probably the most apt description I’ve heard too.

Snippy-Snip, baby!

PS – before anyone can tell me I’m oversharing more than I should, I asked permission before posting this news ;)

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Our daughter looked us straight in the face when we told her about my husband’s pending vasectomy and said, “If you don’t want any more kids, then just don’t have sex!” Explaining why one would choose to have sex when not trying to make babies is a much MORE uncomfortable conversation than the one where you explain where babies come from! Oh, and yay, Tom!
Chris Heidel´s last [type] ..Letting Go- Holding On

LOL, I’ve heard that story, Chris. I LOVE that. It’s such something your daughter would say. Ummm… I’m hoping mine don’t ask.

LOL. Jay had it done when Cameron was 1, so the girls were still quite young and we didn’t really need to go into details. We already had plans to go away for the weekend, so Jay was set up with his beer and frozen peas and I packed up the kids so they wouldn’t be jumping into his lap all weekend. Worked out great.

Bethany. Yeah, mine are older so I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t notice. Cassie will be relived though. She’s made it QUITE clear that SHE is the baby of the family and SHE doesn’t want another sibling. So, there. LOL

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