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Fall 2010Tom and I were driving home tonight from a night out with friends and I was telling him I kinda hoped he didn’t get a substitute teaching job on Friday so he could go to the kid’s holiday parties at school. It’s just not my thing. He said, “Oh, I love it, the kids have so much fun and it’s a great time.” I replied, “Yeah, but there’s a lot of them. And they all want candy.”

I think he thinks I’m kidding… dude, they are all hopped up and entirely too loud. I love kids. I love my kids. I even like most of my friend’s kids. But 15 stranger’s kids… oy.

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Try 15 wanna be models at a make-up class with a surprise camera crew and an ADD teacher who thinks she’s (literally) God’s gift to “the business”. That will put your 15 sugar-high kids to shame.

Yeah, see, that’s your own fault for going anywhere near a model school, class, whatever. You were just ASKING for trouble.

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