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Posted by Candy | Posted in School | Posted on 13-10-2010

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We seem to have a large number of random old @linuxjournal shirts in this houseA couple of weeks ago Tom came home with a behavior slip. Jamie had apparently gotten written up school. He sent Jamie to his room and then nearly burst out laughing while trying to tell me what happened.

Apparently, he decided to play a joke on some of his friends. He told them that there was $500 hidden in the locked toilet paper supply cabinet in the 4th grade boy’s bathroom. This went on for a few days. I’m not sure if they planned it or if it just happened, but Jamie and 2 other boys ended up meeting at the same time in the bathroom where they proceeded to try to pry open the cabinet with the bathroom passes. Thankfully a teacher came by before they could do any damage to school property.

Ah, not so bad right? But he didn’t stop them and tell them it was a joke that went too far. He also lied to the teacher, insisting that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Tom said the principal was trying not to laugh either. What we are all, I think, trying to figure out is why $500? I mean, if you’re going to do it, go big, think $5000! So, for posterity’s sake, here is my son’s first write up from school. I’m so proud. Also are the apology letters he had to write as punishment.

Behavoir Report Apologies

Tom and I, even a few weeks later, are still giggling about this. You just never know what kids are going to do, I suppose. Luckily, there was no damage done. While contrite, I could tell he was pretty proud of himself for pulling off the joke for so long. Yeah, he is definitely our son.

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for a 4th grade boy, 500$ is GOOD money. Most probably 500$ means more than what 5K or even 50K means to us!


Yes, I agree, Kostis… I still think he needs to think bigger though. I need to have a talk with him!

I think this one needs to go in his personal treasure box. I’m sure you’ll be laughing about it for years to come. :)
Lanel´s last [type] ..A boy and my dog

Too Cute, Candy! It’s hard not to laugh when it’s all in good fun. Congrats on the write up!

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