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Posted by Candy | Posted in School | Posted on 06-08-2010

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Cassie let me take a video of her playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star last week. She’s getting pretty good at it. She’s gotten better even in the past week, speeding it up a little and letting her fingers move faster on the strings. I’m pretty impressed seeing as she’s only been at it for a few months. (be warned, she’s a little squeaky in places, this is not the symphony folks!)

Maybe Jamie will let me post him playing clarinet soon too.

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Good for Cassie.

I once played the viola. A long, long time ago.

Violin is hard, especially when you get to third position.
octopusgrabbus´s last [type] ..Mid-Summer Water Equipment Show

That was AWESOME! Looks like the lessons are paying off. :) I played the cello when I was in elementary school — the violin is more lady-like. :)

Love it…can’t wait to hear you again soon!

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