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That darned tooth is finally out!!!So, Saturday night both the kids lost teeth. Cassie lost that top one that had been loose since April (not kidding) and Jamie lost his first molar. I did end up pulling Cassie’s for her. She has really weird teeth, they don’t seem to dissolve all the way and they start poking her and she starts complaining and I can’t take it anymore so I reach up and tug it just a little and it pops out. So there’s no real “pulling” going on there – I just need relief from the constant whining. I seriously cannot take it.

So, I yanked her tooth out. After many tears beforehand, I yanked it out and she didn’t even know it was out. Of course.

Sleepover - watched Tooth FairyI had promised we would have a sleepover on the living room floor and watch Tooth Fairy, the movie. So that’s what we did. We laughed and giggled in all the right places, etc etc.

Wow. A two-fer! Jamie's 1st molar just came out too!I started to fall asleep when Jamie comes over and tells me “hey mom, my tooth is getting looser”. I told him that was great and it’d probably come out next week. Next thing I know, I’m awakened by “Mom! It’s out! My tooth is out!”. He had worried it until it came out.

It’s funny he’s a lot like me when I was a kid. If I had a loose tooth, I’d play with that thing until it came out. Not Cassie, she protects and babies her loose teeth until they are hanging on by a thread. He had quite a bit of blood (on his face, on his shirt – where he had wiped his fingers) so we got him cleaned up and all set.

So, all that was left was for the tooth fairy to come… which, of course, meant that Tom and I had to come up with some evil thing to do to our children (yeah, that’s not a college fund people, that’s a therapy fund)… here’s the morning after…

So yeah, they were disappointed more than thinking she was silly. It’s still kinda funny though :)

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Those poor kids. But god is it fun to watch their agony. lol

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