Parenthood: Right of Passage? Oh, ick!


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Multi-TomThat’s it! I quit! I want off of this mommy train NOW please. First, you should know that I’m weird about germs and hygiene. I have a very high ick factor and get grossed out pretty easily. If a kid pukes and misses, Tom, who is a saint, has to deal with it. I simply cannot. Dog accidents? I’m out. So imagine my horror when my BFF called to tell me that her daycare had an outbreak of lice and her daughter (who spends about 36 hours with us each week) has them. Ewww… ewww… ewww…

Tom checked our kids, but didn’t see anything, but I (who am crazy and psychosomatic) spent most of the day scratching my head and SWEARING I could feel something crawling on my head. After dinner I decided to check the kids to be sure. Found a louse in each head (can I, again, say “Ewwww”)? And what might be a few nits in my girl’s hair. Ewwwww…

For those of you who have never had to deal with this… it could very well end a marriage. I’m not kidding. First, you have to wrangle two children, put this goop in their dry hair, let it sit for 10 minutes. Oh, that’s the easy part because then you get to rinse it out and spend an hour with a fine-toothed comb hunting in their heads for nits, dead (or dying) lice. This sounds easy, but the hair is about the consistency of dry hay. My kids were really good about sitting still, but I could not IMAGINE doing this on a smaller kid or one that hadn’t been threatened to within an inch of their lives (what? Did I say Ewwww?)

Oh, but in the meantime, you’ve washed every sheet, pillow, towel, stuffed animal, and comforter in sight. You even dig up the stuff you packed away from 2 months ago and wash it again (ummm… okay, maybe that’s just me). Can we say Ewwww? When that’s done, you have to do your own head. Oh, but not your HUSBAND who is freaking bald anyway (thus the photo). Your husband gets to do your head and you start to eye the knife block in the kitchen as he drags this “comb” through the straw that is now your hair.

It wasn’t fun. We had some stuff that couldn’t be washed, so it’s in a plastic bag in the garage so they’ll starve or whatever.

Tom didn’t find anything in my head, thank goodness. I didn’t want to take a chance though. The bad is that I had just colored my hair so it was already a little dried out, but adding the other chemicals, it was like steel wool hair. We did a deep condition too. Ugh. Cassie, we found a few nits, maybe 7 or so lice. Jamie, we only found one little louse. I’m sure more were in there that washed out or whatever, right? I don’t know how this works.

If I never ever ever get to do that again, it’ll be too soon.

Oh, wait. You’re supposed to do it ALL OVER AGAIN in seven days. Score. Not. My advice? Buy extra lice shampoo if this happens to you – and don’t count on your husband to find those little buggers!

And yes, I realize that nearly ever kid gets lice and it doesn’t mean my children are dirty or gross or anything, but… ewwwwww!!!

I’m going to get a massage tomorrow morning. I deserve it. *shudder*

There were BUGS in my child’s HAIR. Crawling around. Seriously.

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Hi Candy!

A couple of years ago before my son started in a new school, we got his hair cut. His hairdresser recommended that we treat his hair with mayonnaise before starting the school year. She claims that it keeps the lice away.

I have been doing this the week before school starts every year, and so far no lice. There have been outbreaks in his class, but he has been spared.

It may be a total coincidence, but I’m not going to stop doing it, just in case!

Hmm… everything I found online for natural stuff (I admit, I used the chemicals, I’m not playing around here!) says that mayo is good for after the fact, it’s suffocates them. I dunno, if they come back, we’re all shaving our heads.

Been there done that know what you mean on the ick factor and having light brown hair doesn’t help either. I’ve put a few drops of tea tree oil in the shampoo just in case (can’t see to keep on using that icky chemical stuff). Never heard about the mayo got to keep that handy just in case..

OK – I totally agree with “ewwwww”. I’ve also been there, done that. My daughter got it 3 times when she was growing up. Her hair was very, very long and very, very thick. I sat between 10-12 hrs each time. Definitely no fun! “Ewwwwww” If my son or grandson ever gets it, I’m shaving them bald!

Oh my goodness. Been there. Done that. We did the shampoo at least twice and bought another better comb. You have to check behind the ears and neck area. We also used olive oil and shower caps. This really slowed them down. Had to shave my boy’s head and cut about 4 inches off the girl’s head. I also got them in the early stages. I checked and picked nits for at least a week. I also washed and changed sheets every day. Stuffed those trash bags to kill those buggers. It was a nightmare!

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