Xmas Day 2009


Posted by Candy | Posted in Holidays | Posted on 07-04-2010

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We spent Christmas 2009 in South Carolina with my mom and sisters. I know I’m behind (always get backed up during tax time), but I thought I’d share some of the highlights from Christmas Day, actually just two because they’re funny. You can visit my flickr page if you want to see more.

Watching Tom try to make the Xbox 360 work on mom’s TV was HILARIOUS. We did bring all the right parts, but he couldn’t get it to turn on. I think he came close to just throwing the whole thing out the front door.
SC Xmas 2009 (4)

Even more funny was watching Marcy try to figure out how the heck to make Penbo (the peguin robot) do what Cassie wanted it to do. I think they are trying to make her give up her egg here.
SC Xmas 2009 (13)

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