Science Night 2010


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Earlier this year was Science Night at the school. Cassie did an optional project for the science fair. She did an experiment to see what would melt faster – an ice cube, an ice cube with sugar on it or an ice cube with salt on it. She was quite proud of herself! The kids also got to do some activities. The favorite was the static one. They put their hands on a ball, the volunteers turn it on and voila. Crazy hair! Check it out!

Here’s Cassie with her project. And yes, that dress is totally retro. In fact, I bought that dress for my sister when she was Cassie’s age (my sister is now 23).
Science Night 2010 (2)

And the crazy hair photos:
Science Night 2010 (1)
Science Night 2010

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By the way I am 22 lol!!!!

I realize this matters to you now, Marcy. Trust me, there will come a time, sooner than you think, that you cannot remember how old you are. It’s 2010, I counted back to ’87, gimme a break, you brat.

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