Neighborhood Xmas 2009


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Yes, I’m a bit behind. One of the many things I love about our neighborhood is that they hold pretty good community activities. Really fun and always a good time. If you live in Anderson Mill or around us, check out the Limited District website at

Anyway, the holiday party is always a lot of fun, fishing, bean toss, etc for little prizes, there’s usually free food, face painting, crafts, sack races… and Santa goes around in a classic old firetruck throwing candy through the streets. Yes, I’m serious. It’s a lot of fun. We, of course, went, had a great time and came back with photos.

Fishin’ for prizes
Neighborhood Xmas 2009

Cassie and the girl next door are very serious about their crafts
Neighborhood Xmas 2009 (13)

I had to convince Jamie to do it, but he loved the sack race!
Neighborhood Xmas 2009 (5)

What party would be complete without face painting?
Neighborhood Xmas 2009 (8)

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