Bursitis?? But I’m not 80!


Posted by Candy | Posted in Misc | Posted on 13-04-2010

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So, my hip joint has been bugging me for a few days. I have a chiro appointment tomorrow, but I needed something today because Advil isn’t helping. Off to my regular doc who sends me for x-rays and says it’s bursitis. First of all – what the heck is that? And don’t only old people get it? If interested, it’s in Wikipedia.

Apparently not. She seems to think the donkey kick exercises I did on my own (okay, I overdid it, it’s my new way of dealing with stress and the allergy season that is right now) and then laying on that side for 10 hours (I passed out I was so tired one night) contributed to it.

Of course. *I* would get bursitis. I’m gonna walk around saying “Ethel, come help me over here, my bursitis is actin’ up” cuz, ya know, I can.

Who knows what the chiro will say. I need to visit her anyway. I’ve noticed my lower back is burning when I walk a lot, usually means I need a quick adjustment. And yeah, I cannot believe I actually like the chiropractor. Yes, I used to think they were full of bunk. Now, I think mine is the best thing since sliced bread.

Oh, and while I’m whining (cuz it’s all about me)… freaking Austin. My allergies are CRAZY. This is, by far, the worst year. I actually asked the doc again about it because I am going to go crazy with the itching and scratching and eyes bright red and swollen. I’ve even had to start carrying around an inhaler because I cannot breathe sometimes. The doc said that it’s the worst they’ve seen it too, the oak pollens are just horrible. I’m kind of glad because that means that mine isn’t getting worse, it’s just the season is bad.  She also told me that she was hearing that the oak should start coming down in 2 weeks. So I have 2 more weeks not to lose my mind. And she called in some new meds for me to take to get over this hump. I’m LOSING it. Seriously.

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