Quarter-size snowflakes in Austin, TX (video too!) And me!


Posted by Candy | Posted in Home and Garden | Posted on 23-02-2010

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I live in Anderson Mill (way NW Austin). I realize those of you up North thing we are all crazy. If it snows even a little bit, we all start to lose our marbles, but it’s so pretty and I’ve only seen snow a few times – never stuck or anything. Not sure if it’s going to stick today, there’s a lot of water/sleet on the ground, but it is GORGEOUS falling down, big fat flakes. The video doesn’t do it justice. Kinda wish the kids were home to enjoy it…

That noise is water in the rain gutters… lotsa sleety rain this morning before the purdy snow hit.

Update: Took another one when it started coming down harder… wondering if I can sneak out with my camera…

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