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Earlier today I shared this on Facebook, but figured I’d give the full run down of “what the heck” I meant…

~My husband and I have the weirdest conversations, “No, the dead lady, the one that we think really is dead this time… she’s the one having the roof work done”….. “OMG, did you see her outside? I’m pretty sure she did really die this time.” (yeah, that’s a long weird story)~

So yeah… what? Early last year, Tom told me that the neighbor behind us had died, he had talked to someone out in the yard and that’s what they said. We talked to her a few times when she was watering her grass or whatever, but we weren’t “friends” I guess. I said “oh, how sad” and on we went… about 2 months later, I get up on a Saturday and look out the window… the dead lady is watering her grass. Apparently, she’s back! So I go wake up Tom, who comes into the kitchen and we’re staring at her. He’s saying maybe it’s her sister, but no, it’s her.

What the hell, right? Zombie neighbors!

Apparently, her husband died I guess and she was staying with family. Um… okay.

So… late Summer Tom once again says she has died,  he talked to her son who comes and mows her lawn (and can I say that I hope my son one day loves me enough to come mow my lawn and do nice stuff for me *ahem*Jamie*ahem*). I’m not sure if I believe him and if that zombie bitch comes back again, I swear I might go stake her.

Um. I’m kidding. (Mostly)

So yeah, the house is not “the neighbor behind us” – it will always and forever be the “not really dead lady’s house”. Gah, I hope my kids don’t hear us saying crap like that. Now to get one of my friends to buy it :) LOL

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Hey Candy, you changed your site! I like it!.
Good post by the way! Happy new year and oh, try and stay warm, we didn’t
move to Austin for this cold weather. Yeesh.
.-= Lucky Mom´s last blog ..SmileyCat Website 2009 Uptime Report =-.

Hey, my ‘lasted blog’ is not the ‘SmileyCat’ one! That is my husbands! Doh, he better get that fixed stat!

Yeah, we moved to WordPress – last month? I change the theme depending on my mood though. Probably makes my readers nuts, but well… it’s not about them. *laughing* Hope you are well!

I’m a bit confused, but it sounds like a good short story.
.-= octopusgrabbus´s last blog ..How To Add An Electronic Solution Quickly =-.

LOL you two always crack me up!! And seriously, way to entice your friends to move in. :)
.-= Jenny´s last blog ..Parenting is Joyous! =-.

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