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Anyone who lives up North, can just skip this post cuz you’re going to make fun of me *laugh*

It snowed in Austin today. It rarely snows in Austin, you must understand. And I have now seen snow up close and personal (that I remember) exactly twice. I grew up in Charleston, SC, moved to Honolulu, HI and now live here. And we don’t travel much, at least not North :) Heck, we don’t even have real Winter gear. A nice warm jacket and sneakers is about it.

You have to understand, when the forecast here calls for snow or ice, the grocery stores start emptying out of bread milk and eggs (someone on Twitter called it a French Toast Emergency and cracked me up). It’s all kind of silly and dramatic and I try to avoid it. Except for driving. I’m not a terribly confident driver and other people going 80 miles an hour on overpasses with a cell phone stuck to their ear rushing to the grocery store… well, that scares me. When it rains, I hate to drive. So, I knew it was silly, but I canceled my appointment with my personal trainer today (I did work out at home and did pretty good improvising – hey, the fact that I didn’t just blow it off means a lot to me) because I didn’t want to be out there with the morons at 8am. I probably could have went, but honestly, my sanity is worth more right now.

And it did snow. For about 30-45 minutes. None of it stuck, but it was kind cool to see the flakes drifting and blowing around. Tom subbed at the kids school and the principal went around to each classroom and let the teachers take them outside, so there were 450 kids standing in the snow out there at once. Tom subbed there today (he’s there nearly every day in fact) said it was truly a magical day today because the kids were all outside and having the grandest time. I kinda wish I was there to see it. Is it weird that I’m a little jealous that he gets to see the kids off and on each day? I guess for me it really is because I couldn’t do it. All those kids, I’d be crazy. But I wish I had seen that.

They also watched The Polar Express today, so Tom said it really was a fantastic day to be a teacher. Now to find him a permanent position. I think he really wants to work at the school where the kids are. The kids being there is a nice bonus, but he loves the school, he loves the staff. He seems to be fitting in there. I just hope they give him a shot when hiring time comes around. I think he’ll be a shoe-in. If they don’t hire him, they’re crazy! The KIDS adore him. It kinda makes me jealous that I don’t have that affect on kids, but when he walks into the school or into a fundraiser or something, the kids flock to him screaming “Mr. Beauchamp! Mr. Beauchamp!”. I really hope this works out for him. Funny, at 37 you finally figure out what you wanna do with your life, but Tom was meant for this. We’ve been married for over 16 years. I’m amazed at how different we both are and how our aspirations have changed and grown.

Okay, I’m off the subject. Suffice to say that I adore my husband. I really do mean that for so many reasons, but his way with the kids is one of the tops. Yeah, it doesn’t pay a whole lot (teachers are WAY underpaid in my opinion), but to see how happy it makes him… so what we don’t get a pool in our backyard and we use the community one instead. I don’t care. Our happiness both together and individually is way more important.

Blah blah blah… okay, so the snow… I have to tell you this story about Leo, the moron dog. It started snowing and both dogs were outside. Julie quickly came in and found her bed:
Julie's snow day

Leo, on the other hand, is a moron. He stayed out there for a while and was barking at the flakes, completely freaked out. He’d find one, bark like mad and then get all weirded out when it disappeared if it touched something. After a minute or so of that he decided to come inside and runs full tilt towards the dog door. And misses. *laughing* he whacked himself in the head on the side of it. What the heck is wrong with this dog? Look at him? I swear he peed himself:
Leo The Idiot
(if you squint, you’ll see it just started, there’s little flakes in front of the black thing)

Anyway, so that just sent me rolling. The dog may be dumber than a box of rocks or a stump or whatever, but he’s entertaining at least I suppose!

Anyway, photographic proof that we had snow today – Voila!
Austin Snow 2009

Snow in Austin 2009

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Very cool. :) We had a beautiful snowfall Friday night. It’s mostly melted now but we’ll get more. :)

You know…you could come here and see snow AND Cassie could go horseback riding?
.-= Lanel´s last blog ..40 Things I’m Thankful For Part 3096 =-.

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