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Posted by Candy | Posted in Misc | Posted on 02-11-2009


Figured I’d toss some random updates…

I’m doing better. Not 100%, but I was able to stay off the meds for a few hours to be able to drive Jamie to the doctor this morning. I was hurting by the time I got home, but it’s a start. I wasn’t writhing in pain, so hey… small steps.

Tom is subbing a LOT at the kid’s school. The staff jokes he should get just get a job there already. He wishes! We went to a school fund raiser (thanks to my friends that showed up to support the school!) at a pizza joint and all the kids were saying “Hi Mr. Beauchamp!”. It made him (and I’ll admit) me all fuzzy feeling. They really seem to like him. I can tell he’s really wanting his own classroom though, with his own kids. It will come sooner or later, the right class and the right school is there somewhere for him, I just know it.

Jamie now has strep (Cassie had it last week). Yay! Not. He’s okay, on meds and all is well. He gets to take 2 days off from school and play video games and read so he’s all “Score!”

Cassie is still riding the high from getting Rider Pride. Special thanks to my mom who saw it and made a special phone call to her. She was grinning from ear to ear that Granny was proud of her. We are going out to a special dinner with their friends to celebrate on Friday. How fun!

I get to take the kids out at 9am to meet Tom’s mom for a photo shoot of the grandkids. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out *laugh* That’s a little early, but I’ll bribe them with Sprinkles or something for dessert that night if they cooperate. Tom was supposed to do this, but he has something at the school, so I get to do it. He owes me. Big time. Saturday is my laze-around morning.

Otherwise, we are chugging right along. I’m thinking that I should be fine for Friday and Saturday if things keep going as they have been. Whew!

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