Pics from Jamie’s birthday party


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Jamie’s party was the middle of last month, but I’m just getting through the photos… there were a lot of kids.

No, really… A LOT of kids:
Group Eating
I think all parents loved us. We held it from 5pm-7pm, so it was perfect for them to drop their kid and go out to dinner. *laugh*

Jamie thought it was pretty cool though:
Thumbs Up To Party

All the boys were running around like crazy (it was a costume party obviously) and at one point guarded the fort:
Boys Guarding Fort

The girls decided to stay away from that craziness:
Girls Corner

You can just see them saying “boys are SO weird”:
Boys are so weird

… and the obligatory candle pic:
Jamie with candle

I think Tom and I basically passed out that night… crazy! But it’s what Jamie asked for and they all had a great time!

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