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Me and my favorite girl Every night at dinner, we have a tradition. Even if we go out to dinner we do it. It’s called “the best part of your day”. And during this time we each talk about what the best part of our day was. Sometimes it’s something simple like, “Seeing Daddy in the hallway at school” and sometimes it’s something big like “I got a gold star today!”. But it’s always interesting to hear the one big highlight of each other’s day.

We were doing this tonight and we got the usual fare, Cassie said giving mommy a hug (suck up!). Tom’s was the class he was substituting doing something nice, etc etc… in the middle of this, Jamie accidentally dumped his plate onto the floor and the dogs came running and scrambling around.

Cassie pipes up, “Well, we know what the best of Julie and Leo’s day is!!!”

It took Tom and I a few seconds, but we cracked up… yes, indeed, that was the best part of the dogs day, I’m sure, it was oven fried chicken – Yummy!

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This sounds like something that would happen at our house! And you know what they say: every dog has his day!
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