Chess and Red40 Mania


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Jamie is teaching me to play chess. Humbling.Jamie is in chess club this year and yesterday we were at the family Thanksgiving and I told him he could teach me to play (I’ve never learned)…. so he taught me – and he did a REALLY good job. I had a hard time grasping how everything moves (still do) and he was so patient and helped me when I was about to make a bad move, etc. Today, he wasn’t so nice and kicked my butt a few times. Ha! But we had a great time. He got to play with his 2nd cousin (errr, Tom’s cousin – whatever, however that works) later. And then again with his grandpa later that night, so life was good in Jamie’s world. Honestly, there’s too many variables for me, I don’t think chess will ever be my game, but I like having something to do with Jamie that keeps him still for a few minutes and doesn’t involve a video game that I cannot figure out the controls for. Board games are more my speed, I guess.

In other news, Tom and I, once again, have earned the Parents of the Year award. *takes a bow* Jamie has these weird manic episodes and we’ve loosely tied it back to red dye 40 sensitivity. I will say that I was never really on board until a few months ago and he ate like a pixi stick and a few candies or something and then went apeshit all over the place. Today, I think we have firmly tied it to it. Apparently, while I was gone to my trainer’s gym today, Jamie ate TWO strawberry fruit roll ups. We never have this stuff in the house so I didn’t think about it and buy the organic one or check the ingredients. We needed it for a cupcake project. No big deal, right? Oy. That was apparently before lunch. But I wanted to be a cool mom today and let him have Dr. Pepper with lunch. Yeah, so he kept himself in check but after dinner I think it all just built up in his system and he went completely nuts on us after dinner. Tom had to take him out to the car and stand out in the cold while he was in there yelling and acting like an insane person (because we wouldn’t buy him a webkinz or something, I don’t even remember).

Anyway, so I talked him down and told him I’d take him to spend his allowance at Target because I needed to go anyway. I also started asking him about what he had eaten because I knew it wasn’t just the Dr. Pepper. There was something else going on there.. Bingo. He told me he ate the fruit roll-ups. Honestly? It was a relief because he was making random noises and pretending to swim and shoot stuff down the aisles. He was doing good and only doing it when no one else was in the aisle, but you could tell he was completely manic, laughing and acting completely insane. When we got outside, I let him around a little in the parking lot (off to the side, mom, where he wouldn’t get run over!) and that helped a little.

I was talking to my mom about food additives lately and hormones in our meats and milk and stuff and how unnecessary it is. I mean, is it THAT important for STRAWBERRY to have added red dyes to it? Does it really need to be THAT red as compared to another shade of red. I’m assuming here there is some strawberry in there and besides, do I really care if it’s white or grey or whatever? Or hell, let’s actually start using strawberries? Shocking idea, I know. Anyway, so I’m back to checking labels again. We just totally spaced, we are so used to just not buying certain things that it didn’t even cross our minds. Oh well, I can’t be too hard on myself. At least we figured it out and now I know that he’s not being a bad kid today, he’s just on a red40 manic episode – and it really is like they are manic, it’s the only way I can describe it.

Ah well… ’til next time we screw up (hey, it’s still early tonight, let me go see what Cassie’s doing) ;)

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You are practicing good diagnostics. Too much sugar alone will wig people out, let alone some additives.

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Everyone’s different, what affects one person doesn’t affect another. Sugar doesn’t affect me like it does some people. Caffeine doesn’t affect me the way it does other people. But, I’m so excited for you that you have found a trigger that you can help Jamie with. What a relief. :)
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