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Posted by Candy | Posted in School | Posted on 29-10-2009


I had minor surgery Monday this week. It was supposed to be fast and easy, but ended up not being. I’m still in a lot of pain, but I’ve whined on FaceBook and to my friends and I’m pretty tired of hearing myself whine. But yeah, I’m not happy.

I also was going to ask the public opinion about my kid’s art, but ya know what? The kids agree with me. Each year, the school has the kids make something artistic and they put it onto magnets, mugs, and other things. I’ve always bought them and gave them away for gifts. Until this year. Last year they did this I assumed it was a fluke, but I’m NOT doing it this year. They make the kids imitate another artist and use that. For instance, Jamie took construction paper and made lines and colored in a few blocks. It’s impressionistic or whatever. I get it, but it’s not MY KID’s art. Cassie did a weird almost Andy Warholesque thing. Again. NOT my kid’s art. I’d rather get their scribbles or drawings or whatever. The first year the kids had more leeway and Jamie made the COOLEST house. He called it the “rock n roll” house. It was something they did over the course of several sessions and it was supposed to be this special thing. And HE made it.

I even put a note on the order forms as to why I’m not ordering it. I’m sorry, but I can get it cheaper somewhere else and it will be something that MY KID made, not something they were copying from some other famous artist.

The kids agreed. They think it’s ugly and didn’t want to do it. At least that’s what they are saying. So maybe this weekend, we will have our own art class and I’ll have someone on the internet make my magnets. I’m not wasting my money on crappy “kid” art this year. ;)

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OK, that’s lame. Who wants to BUY a picture their kid copied? Crazy. I think the magnet art idea is great, though…you should do it yourself and make it really cool. :)

And — whine all you want. You can laugh at my moose call I can laugh at your drug-induced craziness. It’s fair. :)
.-= Lanel´s last blog .. =-.

Unless it’s cost prohibitive, can your kids still create art and have you put it on a mug, frame it, or whatever? I agree that it’s someone else’s art, but your kids created the labor. However, I understand why you would want their original work. I know that’s wishy-washy, but there’s a happy ending in their somewhere.

BTW, Mrs. H. had a full hysterectomy last Jan. What it took months to find out is that because of that, she has a full systemic yeast infection. You’re not whining. Keep bugging the doctors. If my late brother JJ (the poet) were alive, he’d be telling you even though it’s much better now than thirty + years ago, women still get shortchanged on medicine.

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