Leo needs a new home (serious)


Posted by Candy | Posted in pets | Posted on 14-10-2009

LeoWe have come to a heartbreaking decision as a family today. Leo has to find a new home. We simply are not equipped to deal with him anymore. I sent out an email and I know there’s a chihuahua rescue group, but I’m hoping someone that has a lot of time can take him and love him like he should be. I want to be sure he’s loved and cared for and won’t be abused or whatever.

I have always believed that you should take responsibility for your pets when you take them in and this is the most responsible thing I can think to do for Leo. He really needs more than we can give him and as much as it upsets the whole family, we aren’t doing him any favors. It’s hurts my heart to say it, but there it is.

This is the email I sent out today – if anyone in Austin wants him, please contact me. I won’t lie, the dog has a lot of issues…


Sorry for any cross postings, I’m hoping to find him a good home here… please let me know if you know of anyone that would be willing to take him in.

I doubt any of you will want him, but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

We have decided to find Leo a new home. I don’t have the time and/or money for the amount of therapy this dog needs. While he no longer pees/poops any time you come near him, he still runs away, he barks when someone even comes within a few feet of him and sometimes can’t seem to stop barking and he is NOT getting this potty training thing. I honestly believe he’s not mentally all there and he really needs someone with a lot of time to work with him. I feel like we are doing him a disservice by continuing to keep him here.

He’s a 9-12 month old reddish brown Chihuahua, male, fixed. VERY good with the kids, not housebroken with trust issues. I think he would do best in a house with at least one or two other dogs, he was quasi-rescue from a puppy mill from what we can tell (house with about 20-30 other dogs) and I think he was basically ignored by the humans, he seems to relate to the kids but any adult, not so much.

I simply have given up hope for him with our family. I say mean things about him, but truly he will be missed. I really thought this was his forever home, but I just cannot give him the love and attention he needs.

Photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/candyb/3852189879/

Again, he’s very sweet with the kids, is up to date on his shots, has been very well cared for… he’s just not right for our family. He understands how to get into and out of a dog door (finally!) and comes running for the cheese wrapper, but that’s really about it. He has NEVER tried to bite anyone and his best friend is our other dog, Julie (not sure how she’s going to take this honestly).

I really would rather not take him to a shelter. He comes with a food/water dish and a few toys. Free to good, loving home – hopefully with someone with a lot of patience.

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