Halloween 2009 Beauchamp-style


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Jamie originally wasn’t going to go tonight, but changed his mind, he went for a little while, but then came back when one of our neighbors headed back with the baby (from another neighbor to take her home to mom) and to her house. I mean, the woman had 2 kids with her that weren’t hers. It’s kind of awesome when you have that kind of trust and relationship with your neighbors.

For the past 4 years, we’ve met up with the little girl next door and went trick or treating. Well, Tom does. I stay home and hand out candy. I love looking at the kids all dressed up. At any rate, we sometimes have another family or two that hooks up with us and they run into other kids from the neighborhood. It’s always a lot of fun (I cannot say enough how much I adore our neighborhood). From the first one, our kids have always driven us all crazy wanting to get out there. I was looking back at pictures from previous Halloweens and this was our first with our neighbors… see pics by clicking HERE

They’ve changed so much just since 2006… here’s a few from tonight.

Here’s Jamie and the little girl next door getting ready to go:
Jamie and T

Cassie and the little girl next door (c’mon, ‘rents, let’s go!):
Cassie and T
(Thanks to KH for the photo!)

Here’s Cassie ready to hit the trail
Leopard Cassie
(Photo credit to my neighbor, KH) ;)

Here’s our little group (which apparently changed throughout the night) on their way:
... And the T-n-Ters head out....

Cassie got tired when her bucket got full and Tom brought her back (and Jamie was ready to go back out again). Here she is enjoying the fruits (okay, it’s chocolate) of her labor:
My Leopard enjoying the fruits of her labor (well chocolate anyway)

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I love your street. I used to live on a street like that in PA. What kind of tree is it?

I’m not a tree person…it’s a big tree. *laugh*

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