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The teacher walk was Thursday. Our school is so freaking cute. The teachers come and knock on your door and that’s how you find out who you have. (Yes, you could look 2 hours earlier when they post them at the school, but the anticipation is fun). We are happy with both kid’s teachers, of course (thankfully). Cassie will be absolutely fine. I just hope Jamie’s teacher is able to be stern enough with him. She’s really really really nice. Hopefully it’s a facade and she can turn into super-bitch-teacher-from-hell and keep Jamie in line.

This morning, we picked up supplies from the cafeteria (we always buy them from the school) and took them to their classrooms where they got to see where their room is and where they will be sitting. They are excited and ready to go back… I just took a quick pic of them, see how happy?

Kids Day Before School 2009

In other news… Tom got a new grill. He wanted a searing-something-or-other and his old grill, one of the burners went out and whatever, so…

Tom and New Grill

Cassie and 2 of her friends had a sleepover a couple of weeks back because one friend started school early (alternative school), so they had one last hurrah..

Girls Sleepover

Leo thought the popcorn kernals they left all over the floor might be edible so made a rare appearance.


Speaking of the dog, he is driving us all crazy. He barks when anyone walks by the kid’s rooms and doesn’t stop for a while. He runs away from Tom and I (although not as badly now). He’s driving us CRAZY.

And he is stupid. No really, he is, in the words of my friend Elaine, as dumb as a box of rocks. He’s been with us for what? 2 months? He STILL hasn’t figure out how to use the dog door, so Julie will go out and he’ll stand there. I’ll get up to open the door for him and he run away barking and won’t come back until I close the door again. Tom has to get the kids to catch him so we can take him outside (which he likes).

Moronic dog.

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